Facebook To Launch Premium TV Shows as like Netflix

Internet Social Media Giant Facebook is gearing up for new venture. This time they are competing YouTube like video services on Facebook. Facebook TV will be having more features than YouTube as it will organised shows, Host celebrity gossips and advertisement will be free. First Facebook Tv will be launched in June this year itself.

Facebook has stated that ” A new app which will provide exclusive original video content is expected to be available from mid-June.” Facebook Tv will launch with more than 20 new full-length shows with shorter real time shows of  five to ten minute episodes. All these shows will be refreshed on daily basis.  Facebook will strictly look after the original content and clips. 

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Facebook thinks that video and Tv services would boost the top line as it encourages younger users to stay on the social platform for longer time.Facebook Tv is really nightmare for Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime. After all why user would pay for the same quality of services if they are available free.


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