Wipro Software Threatened With Bio Attack

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An anonymous email has threatened Tech giant Wipro with a biological attack if the company fails to pay the mailer Rs 500 crore in bitcoins by May 25. Police has acknowledged the threat and said that mail had threatened the use of the poison ricing through the food served in Wipro’s cafeteria or via the toilet seats and toilet paper in the complex. Alternatively, it said, the poison might be scattered from drones.

Ricin is found in the seeds of the castor oil plant and can kill through ingestion or inhalation. Wipro did not specify the nature of the threat. Police confirmed reports that someone sent an e-mail demanding Rs 500 crore in digital currency of bitcoins, and threatened to attack Wipro offices with Ricin (a natural toxin found in seeds of the castor oil plant) on failing to do so.

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A bitcoin is a digital currency transacted through a software-based payment system that is accepted worldwide and is run by private agencies. Although no country has certified bitcoins as legal tender, many tech-proficient people use them for payments since the transactions carry no fees, unlike those made via banking channels or cards. A bitcoin was worth over Rs 101,600.

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