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H1B Visa : Two Lakhs Indian May Be Forced To Quit America

American H1B Visa Crisis - The Coronavirus pandemic has given a big jolt to the world's economy resulting in massive layoffs and unemployment. United States of ...

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Donated Rs 5 Crore to Give India

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has donated Rs 5 crore to non-profit organization Give India. The dedication would come with $250 million in advert ...

Uganda First to Impose Tax on WhatsApp, Facebook Users

Service Tax on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter Usage - Africian country Uganda has imposed tax of 200 shilling ($0.05) daily for the usage of Social Media ...

Australia Abolishes Skilled Expat Workers Visas

This is the bad news for 22% of Indian currently working in Australia on Skilled expat Visas and eyeing permanent residency. The subclass 457 visa category for ...

Emmanuel Macron, Banker and Youngest President of France At 39 Years

Emmanuel Macron is the new Youngest elected president of France. An investment Banker by profession and a champion of France's tech startup movement and ...

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