Malware Alert for Employees – Your Bank account can also be Emptied by Official Email

Malware through Official Email Ids – Most people are now working from home due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus. In such a situation, the number of emails received from companies has also increased. Companies are also informing their employees of many policies and changes through mail. In such a situation, the attention of hackers has also shifted to the official mail ID of the employees. In such a situation, they themselves are sending the mail to employees by hacking the company’s mail account.

In a blog NortonLiflock revealed that Cybercriminals are currently exploiting them by sending fake emails to employees due to Corona virus. Looking at these emails, it seems that the senior officer of the company has sent it, but it is not so. A link is given in the email, in which it is said that this is a link to the new policy, but if you clicked the link, it will download a malware on the laptop. So before clicking any such link, make sure to report to your manager or HR.

If the employee fraudulently clicked such a link, then the cybercriminals will take control of your laptop. They can remove all the sensitive business information and financial data on your computer.

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Google had warned about this kind of danger last month. Google had said that such frauds come through email. In such a situation, users should not share their home address or bank details with anyone. Check the URL of the website sending the email so that if there is any kind of doubt, a complaint can be lodged in the police station against him.


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