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No New SIM Card Without Aadhaar in India

Government has introduce new mandate for Telecom companies this time. No new SIM card to be issued without Aadhaar Card. This rule came after Supreme court directed all the telecom companies to register and re verify the existing telecom mobile subscribers against Aadhaar for fake connections. Based on the supreme court order Union government has dictate the new rule to all the Telecom companies doing business in India.

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In order to implement the order and Aadhaar based re-verification, telecom companies to send SMS to a subscriber with a verification code after establishing that the SIM card is physically available with the person. 

Linking SIM connection Aadhaar will wipe out majority of crime and multiple fake connections. This is the major boost to Aadhaar enabled services as Government already has announced the new PAN and IT-returns to be mandatory done through Aadhaar.

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Second largest mobile subscriber company in India Reliance Jio already successful in implementing 100 million users via the Aadhaar-based e-KYC since it started services in early September. This extra work of re-verification will cost approx thousand crores to telecom companies as a whole.


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