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Current Affairs Quizzes For Exam – 1

Q. During April 2011-February-2012, which of the following state stood first in creating largestemployment in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)?
1 Uttar Pradesh
2 Karnataka
3 West Bengal
4 Andhra Pradesh
Ans: 3
Q. Which of the following bank has been awarded Finance Asia Award 2012?
1 AXIS Bank
2 HDFC Bank
3 ICICI Bank
4 Kotak Bank
Ans: 4
Q. 4th Advance Estimates of Ministry of Agriculture, puts oilseeds production for 2011-12 at –
1 30.01 MT
2 28.89 MT
3 32.32 MT
4 31.01 MT
Ans: 1
Q. Govt. approves an ordinance to completely digitise TV Broad-casting. The entire nation has been targeted to be covered by –
1 2013
2 2014
3 2016
4 2015
Ans: 2
Q. First Nuclear Power Plant in Bushehr. The country reffred here is:
1 Kazakhstan
2 Argentina
3 North Korea
4 Iran
Ans: 4
Q. She started her career as an IFS officer and was unanimously elected the 15th Lok Sabha Speaker. She was elected to Lok Sabha and representing a constituency in the state of:
1 Jharkhand
2 Madhya Pradesh
3 Bihar
4 West Bengal
Ans: 3
Q. Who among the following is the author of the book “My Country, My Life?
1 A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
2 Atal Bihari Vajpayee
3 L.K. Advani
4 Shashi Tharoor
Ans: 3
Q. In the year 2012, which actor bagged the Best Actor Award at the 59th National Film Awards?
1 Ranbir Kapoor
2 Appu Kutty
3 Girish KulKarni
4 Hrithik Roshan
Ans: 3
Q. Emomali Rahmon recently visited India is the president of
1 Turkmenistan
2 Russia
3 Republic of Tajikistan
4 Turkey
Ans: 3
Q. Who is the UN Messengers of Peace
1 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
2 Michael Douglas
3 Monique Coleman
4 Elie Wiesel

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