Current Affairs Quiz – April 2013

Current Affairs for Competitive Exams :  April 2013

Q. Which film has bagged the National Film Award for best feature film?
1 Anumati
2 Paan Singh Tomar
3 Dhag
4 Spirit
Ans: 2
Q. Who has won the National Film Award as best actor?
1 Irrfan Khan & Vikram Gokhale
2 Shivaji Lotan
3 Kamal Hasan
4 Ranbir Kapoor
Ans: 1
Q. Who has bagged the National Film Award as best actress?
1 Priyanka Chopra
2 Ananya Chatterjee
3 Usha Jadhav
4 Arundhuti Nag
Ans: 3
Q. The 24th Arab League Summit got underway in which of the following city
1 Dubai
2 Doha
3 Khartun
4 Cairo
Ans: 2
Q. Who is the head of the panel on Energy Security constituted by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas?
1 C. Ranjarajan
2 Montek Singh Ahluwalia
3 Vijay Kelkar
4 Kaushik Basu
Ans: 3
Q. Which of the following states has bagged the National Tourism Award?
1 Assam
2 Madhya Pradesh
3 Maharashtra
4 Andhra Pradesh
Ans: 4
Q. Asia’s largest Solar Power Project set at which of the following cities?
1 Jaipur
2 Nagpur
3 Jodhpur
4 Bikaner
Ans: 3
Q. India has signed the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on March 28, 2013 at Bern, Switzerland with which of the following country?
1 Switzerland
2 Liechtenstein
3 Mauritius
4 Finland
Ans: 2
Q. United Nation has released “One Women” album on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Name the Indian Artist who was the member of this album?
1 A. R. Rahaman
2 Anoushka Shankar
3 Mallika Sarabhai
4 Amzad Ali Khan
Ans: 2
Q. The Government of India and the RBI to introduce one billion pieces of Rs. 10 notes in polymer/plastic on a field trial basis. The field trial will be conducted in five cities. Which of the following is not among them?
1 Shimla
2 Jaipur
3 Nagpur
4 Bhubaneswar
Ans: 3

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