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IBPS 2012 Financial Current Awareness Expected Questions

IBPS is conducting it’s second Common Written Exam for recruitment of Probationary Officers (PO) in second week of this month. This is the last few days preparation before the big day.

We have compile a set of few expected question from the Financial, Banking and Current awareness subjects. Go through these question and check your level of preparation. These question are specially designed for the IBPS exam.

1) As per the data released in March 2012,India exports registered how much growth in January 2012 at $25.34 billion with the demand from the western markets remaining weak?

1) 10.1 Percent

2) 8.4 Percent

3) 9.8 Percent

4) 12.2 Percent

2) The union cabinet on march 1,2012 approved the proposal to bring down the quantum of subsidy on decontrolled fertilizers fro 2012-13.Which of the following are those fertilizers?

1) Phosphatic (P)

2) Potassic (K)

3) Nitrogenous (N)

4) Only 1 and 2

3) in an innovative mechanism to partally make up for the short fall in the disinvestment target set for the current fiscal,the union cabinet in March 2012 approved buy-back of the centre’s equity by cash-rich public sector undertakings.what was the target ?

1) Rs 20,000 Crore

2) Rs 30,000 Crore

3) Rs 40,000 Crore

4) Rs 50,000 Crore

4) A commerce ministry statement in march 2012 showed that imports of sensitive items,went up by 44.7 percent to Rs 75,948 Crore in April-Dec. 2011 from Rs 52,492 Crore in the year ago period.which items are in reference here?

1) Fruits

2) Vegetable

3) Edible oils

4) All of the above

5) Spice Jet on March 2, 2012 said its promoters agreed to infuse Rs 100 Crore fresh funds into the airline in exchange for an additional equity of 42.9 million shares,aggregating to

1) 5 percent

2) 10 percent

3) 15 percent

4) 20 percent

6. Which among the following data are released in Indiaon monthly basis?
1. CPI
2. WPI
3. IIP
Choose the correct option:
[A]Only 1 & 3
[B]Only 2 & 3
[C]Only 1
[D]1,2 & 3

7. Republic of Tatarstan was recently making news as an Indian company has reportedly decided to invest in petrochemical or refining facility in the region. Which among the following statements is correct about Republic of Tatarstan?
[A]Its an independent Country in Central Asia
[B]It’s a foreign territory administered by UK
[C]It’s a federal subject of Russia
[D]It’s a sovereign country in Middle East

8. Which of the following state Governments in Indiahas recently launched the gram suraj abhiyan (village contact programme) to reach to the door of the people in the remote areas of the state?
[B]Madhya Pradesh

9. Which among the following organization is largely funding the National Dairy Plan–Phase I ?
[A]International Development Association
[B]Asian Development Bank


10. Which among the following is the short name of highest authority in Indiafor Indirect Taxes?

11. Which among the following can not be called an ant inflationary measure?
[A]Raising the Bank Rates
[B]Raising the Reserve Ratio Requirements
[C]Purchase of securities in the Open Markets
[D]Rationing of the Credit

12. If the Reserve Bank of Indiawants to increase the Cash Reserves commercial Banks, which among the following would be the most probable step taken by it ?
[A]Release Gold from its reserves
[B]Buy bonds in the open market
[C]Prohibit the transactions that involve bill of exchange

[D]Increase the tranche reserves with the IMF

13. The Government of India has recently launched a “Youth to the Edge” pilot scheme in North East India for which among the following purposes?
[A]To encourage the youth of the North East India to take active participation in development programmes
[B]To provide laptops to the Youth of the North East India
[C]To introduce youth from rest of India to the North Eastern Culture
[D]To provide vocational education to the youth of North East

14. What is the approximate average fertilizer consumption in Indiaper hectare of land?

[A]120 Kg
[B]140 Kg
[C]170 Kg

[D]200 Kg

15. The new variety Rajarajan 1000 is of which among the following?


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