Renault Announces 15,000 Job Cuts worldwide

French carmaker Renault announces 15,000 Job cuts - French carmaker Renault announced 15,000 layoffs worldwide  to boost its profitability due to lower sales ...

Cognizant to Layoff 400 Senior Executives

Cognizant is planning to lay off around 400 executives in the ranks of directors, senior directors, associate vice presidents, vice presidents. The layoff is ...

Top Indian Startups with Maximum Layoff

Check out the list of top Indian startups with maximum Lay off - The majority of the Indian startups struggling to survive the coronavirus impact, have been ...

Indiabulls Layoffs Nearly 2,000 Employees

Financial & Real sector business company, Indiabulls Layoffs Nearly 2,000 Employees. The Diversified financial services group has asked nearly 2,000 ...

HP & IBM Lay-off Thousands of Employees Globally

HP & IBM Lay-off  - Both the companies have joined the league of companies who have started firing employees. IBM lay-off  thousands of employees globally ...

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