Karnataka Bans Online Education for Children up to Class V

Karnataka Bans Online Education for Children up to Class V – Karnataka government has announced a complete ban on online education by schools from pre-nursery to fifth grade. The decision was taken on the call of opinions shared by child psychiatrists, and educational experts.

The decision applies to all schools within Karnataka regardless of their affiliation to central or state boards. IN case of giving permission for online education from class 6 to class 10, the government has formed a panel of experts which will study the challenges and come up with a set of guidelines for schools. A panel of experts will study how primary schools can deploy technology other than online classes to teach children up to class 5 in a way it is all-inclusive and reaches children even in remotest part of Karnataka.

The government has made it very clear that stringent action will be taken if any private school is found to be collecting money in the name of online education. The government, has directed private schools that they cannot increase tuition fee this year. Government has also advised private schools to come forward and cut their existing fee recognizing the distress large sections of people are fighting due to Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in a lot of people losing jobs and facing pay cuts.

There was also a huge public outcry in recent days with sections of parents as well as education officials suspecting the online education for children up to 10 years as a ploy by private schools to collect money.

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