General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 2013 – Morning Shift

General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 2013 – Question with solution for General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 2013. Share the IBPS CWE RRB 2013Question asked in General Knowledge section on 21-09-2013 and 22-09-2013 for your reference.

Prepare with these question for IBPS CWE PO 2013 and IBPS CWE Clerks 2013. These question may be helpful for you in preparation for exam. In case of any difficulty just share in the comment area.

RTGS limit – no limit
Kathakali is folk dance of —? Kerala
P Sathasivam is in news? he is – CJI of India
 Largest producer of Rice in world? – China
Commercial paper is issued by – Corporate
What do u mean by CRR
Attorney general of india appointed by
28th member of EU
Who is raghuram rajan
Financial task action force HQ
Where is SAARC head office ?- nepal
Who won global peace award – Nelson mandela
What does a banking ombudsman do
Nirbhaya allocation in budget
CEO of World economic forum… klaus schwab
Turning point authour – kalam
Blue revolution – fish
India to help which country in its Elections?
Author of my journey of life – Apj abdul kalam
Who is the New Member of European Union – Croatia
Who is the New Governor of Sikkim – Sriniwas Patil
 PV sindhu related to – Badminton
Who won the Champions Trophy 2013 – India
Committee for NABARD – Shivaraman
Which company has installed First white label ATM in India ? – Tata

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2 thoughts on “General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 2013 – Morning Shift

  1. 1. adb headquarters
    2. repo rate
    3. father of green revolution
    4. currency of north korea
    5. insurance regulator
    6. 12th five year plan duration
    7. ecb full form
    8. messi is associated with
    9. iifa best film award
    10. committee on fuel nd gas prices
    11. audi car is of whivh company
    12. kaziranga national park
    13. lowest density state 2011 census
    14. agriculture insurance starts in
    15. 10 lakh to 2 crore.. wht type of industry. small scale

  2. 1) PMLA Offence investigated by

    2) Phillipines /FAO related question

    3)APJ Kalam written – Ignited minds

    4) Lowest population density as per Census 2011 (googled-Arunachal P)

    5)Current Repo rate

    6) SBI First MD

    7)Parent group of Audi Co.

    8) World's Largest Advertising co. acquired recently -name ..?

    9) One Nabard related Q

    10) Manila is HQ For which orgnization

    11) Father of green revolution

    12) Khazaranga national park wre it is

    13) g8 country

    14) North korea currency

    15) Repo rate

    16) Ignited minds book written by

    17) ISIN Standards related to which sector

    18) Sbi new chairmen

    19) 58th national film festival best movie

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