Answer Key (FCI) Food Corporation of India 2012 Various SET

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FCI Answer key for Various SET, SSC recently concluded the Food Corporation of India (FCI) Prelims exam at various center in India for combined Recruitment for Asstt. Grade III in General/Technical and Accountant Cadres) in the FCI.

We have mentioned the Answer Keys for various SET of Paper used in various session of exam on 05-02-2012 are available below. All the candidates may check their Answer key below and analyze your

The various Test Question Booklets/Test Form No. used in the exam in Morning and Afternoon session are :

Morning Session : 433 MN 4, 322 MN 3, 222 MN 2, 333 MN 1

Evening Session : 014 KN 5, 015 KN 5, 012 NL 5, 013 ML

Check out the answer key Carefully :

Test Form No:-322MN3 (Morning Batch)
(Q.1)C (Q.2)C (Q.3)A (Q.4)D (Q.5)C
(Q.6)D (Q.7)B (Q.8)D (Q.9)B (Q.10)C
(Q.11)B (Q.12)B (Q.13)C (Q.14)C (Q.15)D
(Q.16)A (Q.17)D (Q.18)B (Q.19)C (Q.20)C
(Q.21)D (Q.22)C (Q.23)A (Q.24)D (Q.25)B
(Q.26)C (Q.27)B (Q.28)A (Q.29)A (Q.30)C
(Q.31)C (Q.32)C (Q.33)A (Q.34)A (Q.35)C
(Q.36)C (Q.37)C (Q.38)D (Q.39)B (Q.40)D
(Q.41)B (Q.42)D (Q.43)A (Q.44)B (Q.45)D
(Q.46)B (Q.47)D (Q.48)B (Q.49)D (Q.50)B
(Q.51)C (Q.52)B (Q.53)C (Q.54)C (Q.55)C
(Q.56)D (Q.57)C (Q.58)A (Q.59)A (Q.60)B
(Q.61)C (Q.62)A (Q.63)C (Q.64)C (Q.65)A
(Q.66)B (Q.67)A (Q.68)D (Q.69)B (Q.70)A
(Q.71)A (Q.72)B (Q.73)B (Q.74)B (Q.75)C
(Q.76)A (Q.77)D (Q.78)B (Q.79)A (Q.80)C
(Q.81)D (Q.82)C (Q.83)A (Q.84)B (Q.85)B
(Q.86)C (Q.87)D (Q.88)B (Q.89)C (Q.90)C
(Q.91)D (Q.92)C (Q.93)C (Q.94)B (Q.95)A
(Q.96)C (Q.97)B (Q.98)C (Q.99)B (Q.100)C
(Q.101)D (Q.102)D (Q.103)A (Q.104)C (Q.105)A
(Q.106)C (Q.107)C (Q.108)D (Q.109)C (Q.110)B
(Q.111)C (Q.112)A (Q.113)A (Q.114)C (Q.115)D
(Q.116)B (Q.117)B (Q.118)C (Q.119)A (Q.120)B
(Q.121)A (Q.122)C (Q.123)D (Q.124)B (Q.125)A
(Q.126)B (Q.127)A (Q.128)B (Q.129)C (Q.130)D
(Q.131)C (Q.132)B (Q.133)B (Q.134)C (Q.135)C
(Q.136)B (Q.137)B (Q.138)A (Q.139)A (Q.140)B
(Q.141)B (Q.142)B (Q.143)A (Q.144)D (Q.145)C
(Q.146)A (Q.147)C (Q.148)D (Q.149)A (Q.150)C
(Q.151)B (Q.152)B (Q.153)B (Q.154)B (Q.155)B
(Q.156)C (Q.157)B (Q.158)C (Q.159)C (Q.160)D
(Q.161)B (Q.162)B (Q.163)C (Q.164)C (Q.165)B
(Q.166)B (Q.167)B (Q.168)B (Q.169)C (Q.170)B
(Q.171)A (Q.172)A (Q.173)D (Q.174)A (Q.175)C
(Q.176)A (Q.177)C (Q.178)A (Q.179)B (Q.180)C
(Q.181)B (Q.182)B (Q.183)C (Q.184)D (Q.185)A
(Q.186)A (Q.187)B (Q.188)D (Q.189)A (Q.190)A
(Q.191)D (Q.192)C (Q.193)B (Q.194)A (Q.195)C
(Q.196)B (Q.197)D (Q.198)A (Q.199)C (Q.200)D
Test Form No:-333MN1 (Morning Batch)
(Q.1)B (Q.2)D (Q.3)A (Q.4)D (Q.5)C


(Q.6)B (Q.7)B (Q.8)C (Q.9)B (Q.10)D
(Q.11)A (Q.12)D (Q.13)C (Q.14)C (Q.15)C
(Q.16)D (Q.17)B (Q.18)D (Q.19)A (Q.20)A
(Q.21)B (Q.22)A (Q.23)C (Q.24)D (Q.25)A
(Q.26)B (Q.27)A (Q.28)C (Q.29)C (Q.30)C
(Q.31)A (Q.32)B (Q.33)B (Q.34)B (Q.35)D
(Q.36)B (Q.37)C (Q.38)A (Q.39)A (Q.40)C
(Q.41)C (Q.42)A (Q.43)B (Q.44)D (Q.45)C
(Q.46)A (Q.47)D (Q.48)C (Q.49)D (Q.50)A
(Q.51)C (Q.52)D (Q.53)C (Q.54)B (Q.55)C
(Q.56)C (Q.57)B (Q.58)C (Q.59)C (Q.60)A
(Q.61)A (Q.62)A (Q.63)D (Q.64)A (Q.65)C
(Q.66)C (Q.67)A (Q.68)B (Q.69)B (Q.70)C
(Q.71)B (Q.72)A (Q.73)A (Q.74)B (Q.75)B
(Q.76)D (Q.77)C (Q.78)A (Q.79)D (Q.80)B
(Q.81)A (Q.82)C (Q.83)D (Q.84)B (Q.85)A
(Q.86)B (Q.87)B (Q.88)C (Q.89)C (Q.90)B
(Q.91)C (Q.92)C (Q.93)D (Q.94)C (Q.95)B
(Q.96)C (Q.97)A (Q.98)C (Q.99)B (Q.100)C
(Q.101)D (Q.102)B (Q.103)B (Q.104)C (Q.105)B
(Q.106)B (Q.107)C (Q.108)B (Q.109)A (Q.110)B
(Q.111)B (Q.112)C (Q.113)C (Q.114)B (Q.115)A
(Q.116)B (Q.117)C (Q.118)B (Q.119)B (Q.120)D
(Q.121)C (Q.122)D (Q.123)A (Q.124)B (Q.125)A
(Q.126)C (Q.127)C (Q.128)B (Q.129)A (Q.130)A
(Q.131)D (Q.132)D (Q.133)C (Q.134)C (Q.135)C
(Q.136)C (Q.137)B (Q.138)A (Q.139)B (Q.140)A
(Q.141)C (Q.142)A (Q.143)B (Q.144)C (Q.145)A
(Q.146)D (Q.147)A (Q.148)B (Q.149)B (Q.150)C
(Q.151)B (Q.152)B (Q.153)B (Q.154)B (Q.155)B
(Q.156)C (Q.157)D (Q.158)C (Q.159)B (Q.160)C
(Q.161)C (Q.162)B (Q.163)B (Q.164)B (Q.165)C
(Q.166)C (Q.167)B (Q.168)B (Q.169)B (Q.170)B
(Q.171)A (Q.172)C (Q.173)A (Q.174)A (Q.175)D
(Q.176)B (Q.177)C (Q.178)A (Q.179)C (Q.180)A
(Q.181)D (Q.182)A (Q.183)B (Q.184)B (Q.185)C
(Q.186)A (Q.187)A (Q.188)A (Q.189)B (Q.190)D
(Q.191)D (Q.192)C (Q.193)B (Q.194)A (Q.195)C
(Q.196)B (Q.197)D (Q.198)A (Q.199)C (Q.200)D

Other Answer key : 433 MN 4, 322 MN 3, 222 MN 2, 333 MN 1, 014 KN 5, 015 KN 5, 012 NL 5, 013 ML

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  1. in test form number 333MN1 answer for question no 76 may be C and D because
    i) whale, porpoise, bat are mammals fish is not a mammal so the answer D
    ii) whale, porpoise, fish are water living animals and bat is not a water living animal so the answer is C
    so both C and D correct
    if anybody agree with this one please send a letter to ssc regional office