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10 Reasons Why Not To Join Bank as Probationary Officers (PO) ?

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When I say “PSB Banks not a good option“, it might hurt many, probably it might be demotivating for many of newly joined PO at various public sector banks or many of the aspirant who are giving days and night in getting job as Bank PO. I know It may hurt many of aspirants who are preparing for Bank PO exam. My concern is not to hurt any of them or pulling down their confidence rather I just want to showcase the real life of bank PO to outside world i.e. real banking world, standard life and working scenario in general at any of the Public Sector Bank.

There are many who are dreamy about getting good job, full of enthusiasm but it has been seen that they lost their interest and zeal within short span of joining as a Bank PO.

Being a Banking professional with Premier Nationalized Bank, I just want to showcase the experience as Bank PO. I joined as a Bank PO after doing MBA having Prior experience with some of the premier IT company in India.

1. They never bothered about the expertise and Qualification. You will be posted to any of the banking domains or branches irrespective of your qualification or experiences or area of expertise. It means for PSB banker’s graduate from any of the premier institute is equivalent to average qualification from any of the institute or correspondence courses. For example an average BA graduate in history may be designated as digital banker where as MBA in Systems may be posted in remote village for cash payment.

2. You will be given 5-7 days training which is as good as your class lectures of BE or MBA or graduation.

3. Once training completed, you will be posted to branches/offices directly, where you will be assigned to work, which will be purely depend on the number of hours you wasted in the branch/office.

4. Operational output is vague word in the world of banking eternity and no one care about it. One has to give 100% in office, it doesn’t matter whether he or she worked or not.

5. If branch is small, it is possible (maximum case I had seen, it is under practice in many branches) that you will be asked to handle cash counter (Don’t think ,it’s a clerk job) or at the cash officer table , where you will be making DD/PO or if you are lucky enough, you will be asked to make Fixed Deposit (Which is also very Irritating, Since customer mainly senior citizen will eat your all experience and qualification while filling 15G/15H form).

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6. Don’t think you will be given training or in branch you will be given privilege of new joinee. Manager may ask you to do anything beyond your preview, treated as “It’s on job training”, You will have to learn it by yourself”. Best part is that manager otself not confident about the systems or banking.

7. Mistake is very crucial word in the world of banking industry. If you have done any mistakes, You will be penalized. Once I heard from someone, If some one doesn’t make any mistake, he is God. Management treat all their PO’s and officers GOD because they expect no mistake.

Everyone says 1% human error acceptable but in Banking 1% error means loss of your one month or more, hard earning salary. Penalty is directly proportional to monetary loss. You did mistake , You will pay the losses.

8. In true sense , it’s your own Intelligence level or past experiences, which will help you in learning banking.

9. When ever you ask for benefit for additional effort, it will always be denied being a part of duty.

10. Keys of branch, PO’s are the softest target for holding the branch keys. Very first day of your branch will show you the set of some big keys. Afterwards these keys will be your baby and you will have to look after this. Once lost be prepared to pay the hefty penalties.

Never think that, it’s attainder who will open door for you. Most of the time, it’s you who will open the gate to let them in. Especially in the evening time.

11. Never treat yourself as King or son in law of bank. Even attender never listen to you. Better do any of the work by yourself.

These are the glimpse of being a PO in PSB Banks. There are many other which I never wanted to mentioned on public platform. I just may inform you, rest depends on you. 

Keep in touch for any issues related to banking careers, preparation or suggestion.

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