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CPF Exam Answer Key SET-C, Solution

UPSC CPF (Central Police Force) Exam for Assistant Commandants which was held on 24th Oct 2010. Answer key for various section are place here. Please find.

Here is the Answer key solution for Paper –C , Get your solution and suggest your feedback.

Solution of CPF Answer Key for SET C is contributed by one of Member. Here is the Answer key of SET C.


1. (b)-N-power 4th largest source & non-signatory of NPT: not member of NSG.
4. Israel (Plz mind it’s nt def deal, its TREATY)
6. Madras Regiment
9. (a) 1 & 3- violation of human rights
10. work on building a meaningful relationship
12. (a) N-fission(Plz mind the words thermal n reactor, implying controlled fission reaction)……Hats off to upsc!!!
13. (a)(Diamond to coal)
14. (c) Fin. Comm.
17. Antipodal- 35deg N n 100 deg E
20. Paradeep
22. (b) HIV
23. (d) prevention from HIV
24. 3,1,2-WPI
25. (a) mercury…
26. (b) X:Y
27. (d) CFI
28. (d) Phenomenon reason
31. (a) FATF
32. (a) Sachin tend…
35. (b) bimstec
36. (c) GHG emission
39. Bandipur
40. golden handshake(d)

64. (B) Non-cooperation
65. (A) Montagu-chelmsford reform
66. (c) swarajya party
68. (d) refusal to pay…
70. rigvedic age
73. permanent settlement…(C)
74. Parlia. & pres. govt- (D)…
76. boron
77. gamma rays
78. vitrified liq
79. sublimation
81. low amount of dissolved O2
82. Liver
84. Lactic acid bacteria
85. only ret.CJI
86. Press of blood > Atm pres
88. gravity pulls towards center
89. pot. ene. decreases KE inc
90. polaroids
91. alpha n beta
92. inability to form free surfaces
93. quasi federal
95. sugar
100. railway zones (B)
101. (D) diff. in length….
103. variation in soil
104. AP looses 2hrs….
108. (C) 2,4,1
110. rapid withdrawal….
113. (C)
114. (D)
115.(A) patta
118. (D) reelection of prez
119. b/n GOI n citizens ……
120. (A) approval from state leg…..
121. (B) funda. duties
123. (C) parliament assumes power….
125. (C) digital divide

Please check for the accuracy and modification if any, please do let us know. We welcome the solution of CPF Exam for Other SET Also.



  1. Sir plz send me the set b solution of set b exam held on 9 oct 2011

  2. Hi..frends …i have applied for CPF AC 2011 so i am in search of last year examination papers , can anyone kindly suggest me where from can i get those ??

    thnaks in advance.tc

  3. cpf ac 2010 results are out … about 6000 result has been declared

  4. sir plz send me the set b solution of set b exam held on 24 oct 2010

  5. sir,plz send me the answer key of set b

  6. please

    update set-b answerkey

  7. good morning sir,
    plz tell me the cutt off cpf(ac)exam 2010 and last 2 year cut off

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