May 10, 2021

11th BPS Official Calculator – Canara Bank

Check out for the official excel based 11th BPS Salary Calculator for bank employees. The11th Bipartite wage revision calculator is made available by Canara Bank Official Union. The excel based Salary and Arrears Calculation package is not only for the canara bank rather for the benefit of all the officers in the Banking Industry.

Salient Features of the Calculator:

  1. Can Caluclate the loss of pay.
  2. Arrears calculation of Medical aid is taken care of.
  3. As far as stagnation increments are concerned, since monetary benefit on account of revised periodicity shall be payable only from November 2020 salary, input of month and year of reaching maximum scale needs to be given for calculating pension.

Impact on BPS on officers’ salary:

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The increase in payslip components varies from 12.5% to 16.5% across the scales. It appears that more you move up in the scale, the lesser will be the increase in the salary!!. Officers not drawing HRA will get less increase in their salary (12.50 to 13. 75%) than officers who are getting HRA ( 14 to 15%).

Rural officers get little more increase than their urban counterparts. Though periodicity of stagnation increments is reduced, not much monetary benefit would accrue by way of arrears since it is made effective from 1.11.2020.

Impact on pension is slightly better in the sense that the gross pension would reduce by Rs.1000 to 1500 ( instead of over 3000, if periodicity of stagnation increments not reduced to 2 years). However, commutation amount will increase by 6 to 8 lakhs, hence net impact on pension is almost Nil.

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