Bihar Board Terminates all the Contractual Employees

The service of all contractual officers and employees on the Bihar Board will be terminated after 26 July. Following the order of the Education Department, Pramod Kumar, Secretary of the Board, has issued an order in this regard. It has been said in the order of the Secretary that the service officers / personnel working on contract basis in the committee have been given extension of service for 11 months from time to time after the first 11 months of employment.

Regarding the extension of planning and service period, the order of education department issued on 22 May 2018 says that the service period of these personnel is to be extended only till 26 July 2020. That is, all the officers and employees who have been appointed on contract so far will remain in service till 26 July. In this order of the board, the office bearers and employees who were given a letter of service extension from September 2019 to June 2020 have all been canceled. Now all these services are till July 26 only.

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