Bengaluru – Helpline Number To Complaint Against Schools, Demanding Fees Hike

Helpline Number to complaint against school demanding fees hike for the resident of Bengaluru – Government of Karnataka has tightened the noose against all such schools which are demanding the fees from the parents in amid lock-down. The Department of Public Instruction has set up a centralized helpline for parents to lodge complaints against schools that are hiking fees or forcing them to pay up.

To reach the helpline, one can call – 080-23320311 or 6364728784.

The helpline’s email address is –

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The helpline will be open from 9am to 6pm on all days except public holidays. Parents have been asked to make a note of their complaint’s acknowledgement number. The decision comes on the heels of several complaints about some private schools in Bengaluru not only hiking fees but also forcing parents to pay up, despite a government direction against it.

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