Meet the First Patient of Coronavirus “Wei Guijian”, a shrimp seller

Coronavirus first patient – The Corona virus has caused outrage all over the world. So far, around 7 lakh people in the world have been hit by the corona virus. At the same time, this virus has killed more than 32 thousand people. But do you know who is the first patient in the world suffering from Corona virus?

A 57-year-old woman from China has been identified as the first patient of the corona virus in the world. Which used to sell shrimp in Wuhan, China. Its name is Wei Guijian and it is being called Patient Zero. Patient zero is the patient who first sees the symptoms of a disease.

However, now the presence of the virus in the Patient Zero of Corona is over. After treatment that lasted for about a month, this woman has recovered completely. The woman was freed from the corona virus in January itself. However, it is not necessary that the person who shows the first symptoms should be the first infected person.

The news of this woman being a patient zero has been made the headlines of the media all over the world, quoting the report of Chinese news website ‘The Paper’. According to worldwide media reports, the woman was infected when she was selling prawns on December 10 at the Sea Food Market in Wuhan.

This woman said, ‘I get colds and colds every time during the cold season. This happened on 10 December. I started feeling a bit tired. I went to a nearby clinic the same day and after taking the medicine again started doing my work in the market. When my condition started deteriorating, I showed the doctor at The Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan. Even there, my illness was not detected and medicines were given to me.


Women included in 27 patients.

After this, on 31 December this woman was said to be suffering from Corona virus. The woman was among the 27 patients who were first found infected with the corona virus. Initially, the Chinese administration took carelessness and this woman got an infection from her family and then many others. The Chinese administration quarantined this woman in late December.

American media told the first patient

There are several reports according to which China has identified at least 250 such people, who got corona virus infection in 2019 itself. The American media had also described this woman as the first patient, but the Chinese government had denied that this woman is a patient zero.

Different Theory of China

At the same time, the theory of China is that this virus has been prepared by the laboratory of the US Army. After this, there was a war of words in both the countries. This 57-year-old woman has said that if the Chinese government had taken timely steps, the death toll would have been less.

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