How to contact Whatsapp Grievance Officer for India ?

Whatsapp has appointed Komal Lahiri as the Grievance Officer for India Operation and provided the details guidelines regarding procedure to contact the Grievance officer in case of any issue.Read the appointment of Whatsapp Grievance Officer India.

In case of any issues related to following, Contact the Grievance Officer

You can contact the Grievance Officer with complaints or concerns, including the following:

  • WhatsApp’s Terms of Service
  • Questions about individual’s account

How To Contact ?

  1. Open Whatsapp application in iPhone or Android
  2. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Help > Contact Us.
  3. Raise your concern

How To Contact Grievance Officer ?

  1. To contact the Grievance Officer, please send an email with your complaint or concern and sign with an electronic signature.
  2. If you’re contacting Whatsapp about a specific account, include your phone number in full international format (+91 10 digit phone number). 
  3. You may also contact Whatsapp via post at the following address:

Komal Lahiri 
WhatsApp Inc. 
Attention: Grievance Officer 
1601 Willow Road 
Menlo Park, California 94025 
United States of America

Note : This is the process to contact the Whatsapp under individual capacity, in case of law enforcement official, they have separate guidelines.


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