SSC CPO Prelims 2017 Shift II – Answer Key, Cutoff Discussion (1st july 2017)

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Discuss and share the Answer Key and Cutoff discussion for SSC CPO Prelims 2017 Shift II – Answer Key, Cutoff Discussion (1st july 2017). Question and their answers are shared by users who appeared for the exam for CPO in shift II.

Let’s discuss the Question being asked in the SSC CPO 2017 Prelims exam at various center in India in Shift II on dated 01st of July 2017.

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General Awareness Section

  1. Where is Chabahar Port located?  – Iran.
  2. Abhinav Bharat was founded by – Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar
  3. No. of Biodiversity Hotspots in India.
  4. Who put forward the concept of Heridity? –
  5. Name the Writ issued by High Court to Lower Court.
  6. Who was the first person to calculate National Income.
  7. Who is the father of Zoology? – Aristotle
  8. 1st Battle of Panipat was fought between whom?
  9. Who is known as the Head of a Municipal Corporation? – Mayor
  10. Question on Champaran Satyagraha.
  11. Question on Jallianwala bagh massacre.
  12. Name the chemical formula of Sodium Bicarbonate – NaHCo3
  13. Pawan Military Operation was conducted by India in which country? – Sri Lanka
  14. Who among the following is not appointed by President? – Vice President.
  15. What do you mean by the term Laissez-Faire? – abstention by governments from interfering in the workings of the free market.
  16. No. of languages mentioned in the constitution? – 22

Candidates may discuss and share the question asked in the exam along with attempt made. 

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