SSC CPO Prelims 2017 – Answer Key Cutoff Discussion All Shifts (02nd July 2017)

Checkout the Answer Key and cutoff discussion for SSC CPO Prelims 2017 – Answer Key Cutoff Discussion All Shifts dated 02nd July 2017. These are the common question asked in various set of SSC CPO prelims exam under online mode in both Shift I and II at various exam center in India.

Let’s discuss the Question being asked in the SSC CPO 2017 Prelims exam at various center in India in Shift II on dated 01st of July 2017.

SSC CPO 2017 Prelims Exam Answer Key, Cutoff Discussion – All Shifts

General Awareness Asked in Shift I

  • The no. of times National Emergency was declared.
  • Name the 1st Governor-General of Bengal – Warren Hastings
  • Growth Hormones are secreted from which gland? – Thyroid Gland
  • Question on Gadar Movement
  • Second battle of Panipat was fought between –  Akbar and Hemu
  • Question related to 5 year plan.
  • Which country was to bomb on Afghanistan – United States
  • Who among the following are Cold-Blooded animals?
  • Name the 1st Governor General of India – C. Rajagopalachari 
  • Who won the Padma Vibhushan for Arts and Music in 2017? – Yesudas
  • Vitamin C found in which of the following.
  • What is the minimum age a person requires in order to be a member of Rajya Sabha – 30 years
  • Match the following  (Rulers and Monuments)
  • ALU – Arithmetic Logical Unit
  • GUI – Graphical user Interface
  • Odd one out of – MS Word, MS Excel, MS Star, MS Direct.

Candidates may discuss and share the question asked in the exam along with attempt made. 

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