SSC CPO Answer Key, Cutoff Discussion – Shift I (1st Jul 2017)

Share and discuss the cutoff and answer key discussion of SSC CPO 2017 exam prelims question for Shift I. The Staff selection commission exam for central police organization was conducted first time under online mode. Question were asked in the various section were moderate level but due to non experiences of working on the computer online examination environment, there are many candidates who couldn’t able to complete the test in given time. 

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Question asked in various section of SSC CPO Prelims 2017 on 1st july 2017 in Shift I 

General Awareness : 

  1. Who founded Vikram Shila University? – Dharmapala
  2. Current Government schemed related question
  3. Which amendment reduced voting age from 21 to 18? – 26th Amendment
  4. Montreal Protocol is in regard to what ? – Ozone Depletion
  5. Maximum tenure of Members of Rajya Sabha? – 6 years
  6. wer Minister – GARV II
  7.  For how many days can a President keep Pocket Veto – 10 days
  8. Bile juice is stored in – Gall Bladder
  9. PM of Britain during 1947 – Clement Attlee
  10. Inexhaustible energy in stars is due to – Conversion of hydrogen to helium
  11. Nitin Thimmaiha is related to which sports? – Hockey
  12. Conversion of KB, GB, MB, etc.
  13. Suez canal based question.
  14. Which gas is emitted out of Supersonic jets – Nitrogen oxides
  15. Indus Valley Civilisation – sculpture discovery.
  16. Chlorine is present in which of the following (options were given)?
  17. 5-year plan related question
  18. Time period upto which President’s seat can be vacant? –
  19. Which CM got the Transformative award? – CM Chandrababu Naidu.
  20. Writer of ‘Exile’ – Richard North Patterson
  21. Oligopoly (???????????) Market –
  22. Name of the app launched by Power Minister – GARV II

Maths Question with Answer Key

  1. Find the average of first 19 natural numbers = 10
  2. A man buys 15 apples for a rupess. Unfortunately, he has to sell them at a loss of 25%. How many apples does he sell for a rupees = 20
  3. sec? + cosec? = ?2 × cos? , then ? = No solution possible
  4. Which of these is smaller – ?11+ ?3 , ?10+?4 ,?7+?7
  5. DI – 10 Qs (Pie chart and Histogram)
  6. Double Bar Graph asked.
  7. Geometry (Rhombus) – 2Qs

Candidates may share the question asked in the SSC CPO Prelims 2017 exam. Based on the discussion the cutoff of exam may be find out, but it is believed that this time the cutoff for the exam will be at lower side as compare to previous year.

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