Desi Patanjali Now Rs 10,000 Cr Company, 3rd Largest among FMCG’s

This is absolutely unbelievable but Baba Ramdev promoted Patanjali is not less than any big MNC’s. The total revenue of patanjali clocked at Rs 10,216 crore in 2016-17. His immediate previous year revenue was Rs 5,000 crore. A jump in solid 100% which surprises biggies liks Nestlé, Godrej Consumer, Britannia, and Dabur.  Patanjali is only far behind MNC’s ITC and Unilever, their revenue are Rs 38,293 crore and Rs 30,783 crore respectively.

Exciting with the annual business results of company Baba Ramdev challenged existing FMCG players by saying, “So far, FMCG has meant MNCs in India; we have broken that monopoly.”

Patanjali’s Revenue Analysis 

No one has ever expected that the Patanjali will achieve the Rs 10,000 crore revenue. Patanjali is ahead of Nestlé India (Rs 9,159 crore) and Godrej Consumer (Rs 9,134 crore). As compare to January-December 2016 revenue patanjali has shown much growth as compare to their peers. Patanjali is now aiming at a two-fold increase in sales to Rs 20,000 crore and doubling its retail network to 12,000 outlets by March 2018.

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There are different categories of products which added a great value in achieving their business target :

  • Popular Patanjali Cow Ghee, generating  Rs 1467 crore of sales
  • Dant Kanti toothpaste generated sales of Rs 940 crore (holding 14% market share)
  • Kesh Kanti shampoo generated sales of Rs 825 crore (holding 15% market share in domestic market)
  • Herbal bathing soap Rs 574 crore
  • Biscuits: Rs 380 crore
  • Honey: Rs 335 crore (holding 50% market share)
  • Washing Power: Rs 325 crore
  • Atta: Rs 407 crore
  • Beauty and Cosmetics: Rs 231 crore (Saundarya brand)
  • Facewash: Rs 228 crore (grabbing 35% market share in India)

The biggest contribution in business to patanjali from Ayurvedic and Herbal medicine business, which clocked revenues of Rs 9346 crore; while their own brand: Divya Yog Pharmacy sold products worth Rs 870 crore. 

Now Baba Ramdev will start a chain of Restaurants in India

It’s bad time for MNC’s and Indian existing Food Chains like Sagar Ratna, KFC, Mcdonald’s Pizza Hut etc. Patanjali has decided to venture into restaurant business. They are launching a series of nutritious restaurants, all over India. They already investing a big money in  various food parks in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and Uttar Pradesh. As per the announcements made, Patanjali’s unit in Madhya Pradesh will be used as an export hub for US, Canada, and the UK.

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