Now Single Recruitment Test for All PSU Jobs

Now Single Recruitment Test for All PSU Jobs – Government has decided that recruitment exam marks scored by candidates in public sector Jobs will be used as the universal score for all other jobs including the private sector jobs.

Government has decided to create a large pool of database for score of a candidate who has taken a recruitment test, enabling job seekers to write fewer exams. Government has also made it clear that the  result will be disclosed only with the job-seeker’s consent and can help private as well as other public sector companies select candidates based on the test result.

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Currently, the scores are available only with the PSU conducting the exam. The database created based on such marks will be used by private sector employers as a readymade and objective sourcing and screening mechanism.

The benefit of introducing single score concept will reduce search costs in the labor market for both employers and employees. It will enable better matching of candidates from labor surplus areas with jobs in other regions.

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