RBI Current Policy Rates Update – Repo,Reverse Repo,SLR,Bank Rate,MSF

RBI Current Policy Rates Update – Get the updates list of all the Policy Rates by Reserve Bank of India. This page is updates regularly for Current Policy Rates. All the policy rates like Repo rates, Reverse Repo rates, SLR, MSF , Bank Rates are changed by Reserve Bank of India through their various Monetary Policy .

These rates are very important for controlling the Macro and Micro Economics of Country. These policy rates are the tool to tamper inflation and accelerating growth and liquidity in system as required.


S.No Policy Rate  Percentage Existing rates 
1 Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)   4%
2.  Repo Rate 8%
3 Reverse Repo Rates 7%
4.  Bank Rate 9%
5.  Statutory Liquidity Ratio  22%
 Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)                                9%

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