RBI Grade B General Awareness Questions Asked on 17.08.2013

RBI Grade B Exams are conducted on various dates i.e. 17th August 2013, 24th  August 2013 and 25th August 2013. Question asked in the exam for various subjects are discuss here. Based on the question submitted by aspirant we have summarized the General Awareness question asked in RBI Grade B Exam on 17-08-2013.

Question asked in the RBI grade B Exam in General Awareness section were very tough even much tougher than IAS prelims exam. Question were mainly asked from the topics related to Banking and Economics like 

Basel III Norms, Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), Current events of last three months, RBI functioning, Government Programe etc.

Few of the Question Asked in the exam were :

1. Who is the President of Pakistan

2. Who is the decision maker in deciding Repo rate ?

3. Who finalize the distribution of income between the states and centre?

4. What Does Budget mean ?

5. What is the impact of the falling Indian Rupee on Inflation?

6. Recently MOU signed between India and ___.

7.  What is the Name of First Women Bank in India ?

8. Expected GDP Growth for 2013-2014?

9. What does recession means ?

10.  National Rural Urban Renewal Mission is named on which leader?

11. What is the FDI limit in Public sector Banks?

12. What is the maximum limit of transactions in a year for a saving Bank account?

13. Treasury bill is issued by whom?

14. Who controls the export credit function

15. What is the Minimum Paid up capital for Getting Banking Licence ?


17. Who is the Chief Executive of World Bank ?

18 What is OECD ?

19. What is FRBMA-2003 ACT

20 Who managed the Brown ATM ?

21 Which is NO Tobacco Day ?

22. What is the Minimum Year for PPF Investment ?

More Question Will be updated soon. Meanwhile candidates may share their level and answer the mentioned question, Check your Preparation..

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7 thoughts on “RBI Grade B General Awareness Questions Asked on 17.08.2013

  1. I have attempted –

    GA – 55( 1 or 2 may be wrong)
    English – 23 (1 or 2 may be wrong)
    Quant – 24 (all correct)
    Reasoning – 56 ( 2-3 may be wrong)

    What are my chances Raj sir?

    1. Wait for exam to be finished by 25th August…..as per your score , it looks good ..last year the total cutoff was 104 for General Category

        1. What I believe there will be weighted cutoff for the exam, it's because exam was conducted on various dates and based on the level of paper and total number of candidates score accurately on each session RBI decide the cutoff based on accuracy . called weighted score…If RBI decides to go through Weighted score as previous year than cutoff would be as similar to previous year i.e. 105+.

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