SSC CGL Job Profiles,How To Select Post ?

SSC CGL, A Combined Graduate Level Exam for Recruitment of various Assistants posts in different Government departments.Before Applying Jobs for SSC CGL candidates need to know about the profile of each of the jobs offered. This is necessary for candidates because they have to mentioned it in application of CGL.

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Candidates must know about the Job profile they opted for according to preference. This is start of career and candidates must know about their preferences before selecting their career.One must know about the area of work and it’s promotional part.

We have analyzed all the Post offered by SSC according to their Code. Know about the promotional ladder, compensation policy and growth in jobs for each of the post.Input for this information is taken from various sources like Google, Various Blogs, Forums , Some Staff Members, Viewers of etc. If you want to add any more please do comment it below :

 SSC CGL Jobs are classified in to two broad part :

1. Office Jobs                 2. Field Jobs

This is important because based on interest of each of the appearing candidates they must know whether they want Cool, Easy office jobs or more adventurous field jobs ? One know the basic of desk jobs and field jobs and I don’t think I need to explain it any more.

The selection of Office Jobs and Field jobs is also important based on the future career Growth i.e. Whether You want to prepare yourself for some other exam or Family promises. Those who want to prepare for higher exam like UPSC, IES etc than they should opt for Office Jobs.

Let’s have a look at Various Office Jobs Offered By SSC

Name of Post  Promotional Opportunities  Salary  Work Profile  POST Code
 Central Secretariat services (CSS)    Department test / Regular promotion Next Level Section Officers , Min 6 years  II f 9300-34800GP 4600   General nature A
 Assistants in MEA  Department test : 8-10 years Regular test : 17-18 YearsThree years Foreign Posting   II f 9300-34800GP 4600  Reporting Type E
 MEA Assistant (Cypher)  Department test : 8-10 years Regular test : 17-18 YearsSix year Foreign Posting  II f 9300-34800GP 4600 Specially trained for Coding and DecodingLanguages, Include Nigh Shift Work  F
 Assistants in Railways  A very late Depends on Vacancies which is very less.  II f 9300-34800GP 4600  General Clerical jobs D
 Accountants with CGDA  Very Good Promotional Graph Departmental – 2 years Regular – 3 years  I: f 5200-20200, Grade Pay 2800  Auditors post, Passing Bills, Vouchers,Staff Salary etc U
 Divisional accountant (under CAG)  Promotional Graph is good, Depends on State vacancies where you posted  I f 9300-34800. Grade Pay 4200  Working in State Department in PWD Q
 Tax Assistants (TA) in CBDT (Direct tax)CBEC (Excise and Customs)  Both are group C Posts,For PromotionCBDT (direct tax) is better than CBEC   I: f 5200-20200 (grade pay: 2400)  Working with Tax files, data Entry etc Z@
 Upper Division clerk (UDC)   Regular Promotion : 5 To 7 Years  I: f 5200-20200  data Entry , Transferable Y
 Income Tax Inspectors  Good Promotion after 5 years Up To Commissioner  II f 9300-34800 GP: 4600  Assessment of taxes, IT Raids  J
Excise inspector Good Promotion Up To Deputy Commissioner  II f 9300-34800 GP: 4600  General work of Excise Department K
Preventive officer (Custom officer) Good Promotion Up To Superintendent of Customs  II f 9300-34800 GP: 4600 scrutinize records for correct tax payment L
CBI Sub-Inspector Promotional is late depends on vacancies II f 9300-34800GP 4200 Stressful work of general nature O
Central Bureau of NarcoticsInspectorsSub Inspectors Promotional graph is good depends on department process II f 9300-34800GP 4200I: f 5200-20200, GP=2400 Tough and risky jobs, Raids etc S#
Inspector of Posts (group B) II f 9300-34800, GP-4200 canvass people for getting Postal Life Insurance,Stressful boring work profile

Assistant Work Profile :

There are Two broad classification of Assistants i.e.

1. Assistants in Central Secretariat services (CSS)  

2. Assistants in Other Departments like Railways , Election Commission etc

Promotional Opportunity of Assistants 

1. Joined As Assistants in Department Through SSC 

2. There are two ways to get promoted either through departmental test which is conducted by UPSC or Regular promotion 

3. Department Promotion is through Written test with interview conducted by UPSC once in every 5-6 Years, Pass the exam and Move to next cadre If unable to go through this process just wait for Regular Promotion which is conducted after 8-10 years depends on vacancies.

4. Next level after Assistants is Section Officers 

5. Under Secretary

6. Deputy Secretary

7. Joint Secretary

WHY TO CHOOSE CSS Assistants ?

1. Promotional Process is fast compare to other department

2. Pure Office Jobs Good for preparation because posting is in Delhi only

Why To Choose Assistant Post with MEA – 

1 One of the Most Demanding Post in SSC CGL which have better perk and facilities

2. Foreign Posting , Smart Salary

3.  Low Work Profile

4. Assistant in MEA  is posted generally 3 years in India and 3 years in foreign throughout his tenure of service

5. There is no Nigh Shift

6. Promotional Opportunity better with Departmental exam i.e. 8-10 years but in normal channel 15-17 years

Why To Choose Divisional Accountant Posts ?

1. This is interview post of SSC CGL without physical test

2. One should very careful in selecting this post because once you opted for this post you would not be moved outside during entire career except exceptional

3. Job Profile includes deals with contractors, working under PWD department of States

4. Being a central government employees they work in state government department so they needn’t to report anyone.They work independently.

5.Better perk and pay scale

Why To Choose Auditor & Accountants  Posts ?

1. These are Non-Interview Post without Physical

2. Posting are either to state or CGDA & C&AG

3. Auditors are best option among Non Interview posts

4. Under CGDA there are maximum vacancies

5. Perk and Benefit are lower than devisonal accountants

6. Pay Scale I: f 5200-20200, Grade Pay 2800 around Rs 21,000 To Rs 27000 depends on department

Auditors Work Profile under CGDA

1. CGDA is Controller General of Defence Accounts

2. Works includes passing Bills, Vouchers m Pay of Staffs

3. Five Days a Week Work

4. Good Jobs for preparing Higher Jobs

5. Gross Min Salary Rs 21000 and Max 27000

Auditors Promotional Growth

1. Automatic Promotion to Senior Auditors in Three Years with Pay Grade rs 4200

2. Promotional Chart is good 

3. For Gazette post sit for departmental exam after Two years

Field Jobs in SSC CGL

Now move to field jobs of SSC CGL. They are classified under various department s as like :

Why To Choose Income Tax Inspector ?

1. This is powerful posts because they check your earning so every department get fear of them even politicians

2. Very Good Promotional growth

3. Good Pay with benefit

4. Free Phone and Petrol Allowances

Income Tax Inspectors Work Profile 

1. Work Profile of IT Inspectors are either in Assessment or Non Assessment Department

2. Assessment of Income tax Filled by Public, Companies etc

3. Look after the deduction and refund claim

4. Income Tax Raids

Selection Process Through SSC CGL Income Tax Inspectors under Indirect Taxes

Physical requirement of Some of the Field Jobs of SSC i.e. Inspectors in Indirect Taxes like Central Excise/Examiner or Inspectors and Sub Inspectors in CBI, Narcotics Preventive Officer

Gender Male Female
Height 157.5cm To 165 Cm  152 cms
Weight NA 48kg minimum
Chest 81 cm fully expanded NA
Walking 1600 metres in 15 minutes 1 Km. in 20 minutes
Cycling 8 Kms. In 30 minutes 3 km in 25 mins.


Gender Male Female
Height 165 Cm  150 cms
Weight NA na
Chest 76 cm fully expanded NA
vision 6/6 and 6/9 for far0.6 and 0.8 for near same

Note : There is some relaxation to North East People By 5 Cm to Male

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  1. sir I am orthopaedicaly handicappe person . Am I eligible for the post of Excise/Examiner/Income tax inspector. As I saw in advertisement that some relaxed physical standard is given. It clearly says that OH person can apply in this post as given in notification. Sir please tell which post should I prefer. Thanks

  2. Hello , I have some disability issue – its Orthopaedic ( Both legs affected) . Please suggest me which posts suits me the best . Also I am looking for Assistant(CSS) or Income Tax Inspector(CBDT). Am I eligible for this IT (CBDT ) post as i hv some disabilty issue with me … pls help me .

  3. Informative and helpful..thank you

  4. Sir does auditors in CAG n CGDA get canteen facilities also ??????

  5. can anyone help with me??? I hav been alloted indian bank in IBPS PO.. I have done my SSC tier 1 well.. so i wud clr.. i wud get around 100 marks.. M confused.. whether to further prepare for ssc tier 2 or join PO.. which is the best job.. ??? kindly do reply..

    • ssc is the best job

    • What I suggest you , never rely on someone's suggestion for your your interest in areas and choose smartly….Life in SSC – Five days working with good chance of promotion, No tension pressure less life. For Bank PO it's harassment with life..

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