Banking Awareness Question for SBI, Banks Recruitment

Follow the some of the very expected question of Banking Awareness/financial awareness with General knowledge based on banking. Go through these question and this will help you in cracking exams for RBI, SBI, IBPS etc.

11. Majithia Wage Boards is related to :
     a) banking industries

     b) print media/news agencies
     c) MGNREGA scheme
     d) Mini Ratna PSUs
     e) None of the above

12. Which among the following States is NOT covered under The North East Rural
Livelihoods Project (NERLP)?
     a) Tripura

     b) Meghalaya
     c) Nagaland
     d) Mizoram

13. In economic terms, the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year is known as
    1) GNI   
   2) GDP
   3) Inflation   
   4) PPP
   5) Wealth of a nation

14. Who  won the Nobel Prize in 2011 for their contribution in Economics ?

    1) Thomas J. Sargent & Christopher A. Sims
    2) Peter A. Diamond & Thomas J. Sargent
    3) Christopher A. Sims & Dale T. Mortensen
    4) Olliver O. Wilamson & Amratya Sen
    5) None of these

15. ‘Special Drawing Rights’ are the rights of countries provided by :
    1) World Bank   
    2) IMF
    3) ADB  
    4) Federal Reserves
    5) None of these

16. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of Indiarecently got appointed as External Auditor of wich of the following organizations / agencies ?

 1) World Bank   
2) Bank of America
5) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

17. Which of the following is called “Robinhood Tax” and was in news during recent Summit of G-20 nations ?
    1) Excise Duty   
    2) VAT
    3) Goods & Services Tax
    4) Tobin Tax   
    5) None of these

18. India recently completed negotiations with 16 countries for entering into a ‘TIEA’. TIEA denotes which of the following?

    1) Tax India Exchange Account
    2) Tax Information Exchange Agreement
    3) Total Information Exchange Accord

    4) Terminal Issue & Exchange Agreement
    5) Tax Issues & Export Agreements

19. Which of the folowing terms is used in the field of Banking & Finance
    1) Special Drawing Rights
    2) Affirmative Defence
    3) Civil Procedure
    4) Informed consent
    5) Question of Fact

20. The Bank rate is ……..
    1) free to fluctuate according to the forces of demand and supply
    2) set by the RBI
    3) set by the RBI as directed by the Union Ministry of Finance

    4) set by RBI as advised by the Indian Banks Association
    5) set by Government of India on the recommendation of the Planning Commission

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