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SSC CGL Interview Tips, Common Interview Question Asked

First of all we would like to wish all the successful candidates of Staff Selection Commission combined Graduate level – 2011 (SSC – CGL) candidates. The main huddle for the exam is over and the preparation for next level is started now.

 The knowledge testing stage is over now, what ever the knowledge SSC wants from you already tested through Prelims and Main exam of SSC-CGL, now they want to test the personality and skill level of the candidates. The main motive for the Interview is know the skill, perception and most important the motivation towards work.

 We have mentioned the certain Interview Tips and Question asked in the previous Interview of SSC. Follow the tips carefully; this would help you a lot in cracking the interview:

 What to Follow while appearing for the SSC Interview?

 There are certain tips which all the candidates need to follow irrespective of the department or fields before appearing for the Interview. Follow the below mentioned instructions If you are appearing for the SSC interview.

 a.)     A well mentioned personality makes the person at the other side of the Table Impressive. Appear for the interview with Neat and clean formal shirt and pant (preferably light color shirt with black or blue pant) with a Tie.

b.)    Always keep your shoes clean and keep yourself cleaned shaved

c.)     Make yourself smiling and try to know the names of all the other candidates sitting with you at the waiting area.

d.)    Never cross question or argue with the Interviewers, If you don’t know the answer just reply “sorry sir, I don’t know” Never try to misguide the Interviewers with wrong answers, this impact much on your overall performance.

e.)     Always reply to the question with smiling face and keep your eyes straight to the interviewers.

f.)      Don’t strict to the Individual Interviewers or the person who asked the question. Try to make eye contact with all the Interviewers or person sitting there.

g.)     Always try to answer in short, I mean to the point answer. Never try to explain every thing which is not at all related to question. It will give more room to Interviewers to counter you.

h.)     Always try to Answer in such a way that Interviewer’s question concentrate on your area of knowledge, not their area of knowledge otherwise you will never able to answer the single question.

 Previous Interview Questions Asked in SSC Interview

 a)      What’s Your Name, Tell us something about you?

b)      What is your hobby?

c)      Tell us something about your family?

d)      Are you working somewhere?

e)      What do you know about SSC?

f)        Do you have any idea about the job profile?

g)      What is the Tax structure in Indian Tax system?

h)      What is the full form of ITR?

i)        What is SARAL Form?

j)        What if you will post at the remote areas, will you work?

k)      Are you preparing for some exam?

l)        Income Tax is the department under which ministry?

m)    If you are working the work profile, what were you doing in your previous organization and how do it helps the SSC?

n)      Why should we hire you?

o)      What are your Strength and Weakness?

p)      How can you use your strength in your Job?

 Besides this there are many other question asked in the Interview which totally depends on the Individual board perception. One can’t guess or make any particular preparation. You can prepare as a whole for the Inter views.

 Note: Above mention tips or suggestion or question are just to guide you, we can’t guarantee that SSC will ask the question in same pattern or way.


  1. Hey everyone.. i will be preparing for ssc and i have almost a month. plz tell me the tips. and i want to get into an assistant grade plz help me and tell me how much should i score.
    I belong to general category.

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