Tips to Change Your Bank Jobs ?

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This is the very popular question among bank’s employee especially the Entry level bank’s employees.Every day the talk of the lunch table or leisure time in banks Few years back it was totally uncommon discussion among Bank employees mainly among Public Sector Banks but due to high level of competitiveness in this sector every bank is facing the higher iteration rate.

I don’t think it’s bad if some one ask my personal views on it. Changing jobs for higher career growth is always good. Atleast in my case I have always been benefited.

What my experience says that If you have had three years of banking experience you may get better opportunity in higher scale with various banks.

There are lot of vacancies coming up with good position and area of specialization like some of the big Public Sector Banks in India i.e. SBI, PNB, OBC , Bank of Baroda etc are looking for the best talent in various areas of specialization like IT, Forex, Treasury etc.

As in My case I don’t have banking background but I got the Job in one of the PSB just because of my past experience in IT sector, after working with this PSB for 2.5 years , I got the offer of IT manager with another big Public Sector Banks. Which would surely be taken 4 years for me to get this post with the same bank ?

I moved to another bank and I save my precious 2 Years of My career.In normal practice it takes 4 years for Scale I officers to get Scale II post.

So, always try to move up if get chance.Changing the jobs not always get right. Think and analyze the jobs along with various parameters.

What are the basics which must keep in mind while changing the jobs ? Not each and every time your new job would be promising ?

Here are the few tips which one should keep in mind before changing the jobs ?

1. Always move for Higher level against your existing job If moving in same sector. For example You have worked for Mid Size public sector bank for Two years in Sclae I and moving to bigger on in same Scale – I than it’s not a good decision. It will kill your two years. Try to apply for Scale II or above.

2. Analyze what are the benefit you would be getting with next bank as an employee ? Compare with your existing bank.

3. Work environment, which is the most important question to discuss about. Try to find out the work environment and culture, analyze and than only move.

4. Place of posting and trends of posting. Family life is also Important.

5. Future prospects with the banks, whether the promotion policies are friendly and fast or not ?

What are the losses if you leave your current employer ?

You have seen the benefit of changing the jobs, now see what would you be loosing while changing the jobs.

1. All banks employees who joined after 01-04-2010 are fall under New Pension Scheme in banks, so if you have joined your bank before this date than compare it with your current employer. Because in NPS there are no family pension and lot of other losses also.

2. Try to move in higher scale which will compensate your current loss.

3. what are the profile you are handling and what you would be getting ? This is very very important.

Beside this there are also many. What I suggest you that analyze every thing before changing your present jobs in Government sector and especially in Banks. I would appreciate your suggestion if any in this regard.

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