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Common Written Exam Expected Paper for Banking Exam – General Awareness

16. Who amongst the following was recently nominated as the ‘Member of the Rajya Sabha’ ?

(A) Amitabh Bachchan
(B) Manoj Kumar
(C) Aamir Khan
(D) Javed Akhtar
(E) None of these
Ans : (D)
17. The 97th annual session of the Indian Science Congress was held in which of the following cities in January 2010 ?
(A) Mumbai
(B) Kolkata
(C) New Delhi
(D) Thiruvananthapuram

(E) Hyderabad
Ans : (D)
18. Which of the following crops need plenty of water to grow ?
(A) Jowar
(B) Cotton
(C) Paddy
(D) Bajra
(E) All these need plenty of water
Ans : (C)
19. Which of the following is/are true about the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ?
1. The Act is now known as Indira Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
2. The Act is now applicable to all the districts of the country.
3. Minimum wage fixed under this Act is now Rs. 250 per day.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1, 2 and 3
(E) None of these
Ans : (B)
20. Who amongst the following was recently awarded the prestigious “Order of Merit of the Italian Republic” ?
(A) Sunil Mittal
(B) Ratan Tata
(C) Harshpati Singhania
(D) Rahul Bajaj
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)
21. Govt. of India recently approved the national policy on Bio fuels. Which of the following crops is one which is used to make biofuels ?
(A) Onion
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Wheat
(D) Coconut
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)
22. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of milk in the world ?
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Denmark
(E) None of these
Ans : (B)

23. Which of the following terms is not associated with the game of Hockey ?
(A) Bouncer
(B) Bully
(C) Short Corner
(D) Goal
(E) Penalty Corner
Ans : (A)
24. Saina Nehwal is a famous—

(A) Lawn Tennis Player
(B) Golf Player
(C) Table Tennis Player
(D) Badminton Player

(E) None of these
Ans : (D)
25. Who amongst the following is associated with music and is a maestro of international repute ?
(A) Vikram Seth

(B) Steve Waugh
(C) Salman Rushdie
(D) Ritu Beri
(E) A. R. Rahman
Ans : (E)
26. India is providing help to which of the following nations in setting up a Medical College there on the lines of the AIIMS ?
(A) Nepal
(B) Bhutan
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Myanmar
(E) None of these
Ans : (B)

27. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the company which produces chemical fertilizers in India ?

Ans : (C)
28. Which of the following is not a food grain ?
(A) Paddy
(B) Jatropha
(C) Bajra
(D) Jowar
(E) Wheat
Ans : (B)
29. As we know Govt. is paying much attention towards the development of watersheds and water bodies in all the areas of the country. What is/are the reasons owing to which Govt. has to take these special efforts to develop/recharge watersheds and water bodies ?
1. The one single biggest problem of the agricuture in the country is inappropriate irrigation facilities and farmers’ overdependence on the monsoon. Govt. wants farmers to come out of it.
2. The water table in some of the areas in the country is going down. This is a matter of great concern for all of us as this may result in severe water problem in days to come. Govt. is serious about it.
3. Around 30 to 35 per cent watersheds/water bodies in the country are not being utilized as the quality of the water in these has deteriorated over the years.

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1, 2 and 3
(E) None of these
Ans : (A)
30. Which of the following is/are true about the Indira Awas Yojana ?
1. The scheme provides financial assistance to people living below poverty line for construction of housing units.
2. Every family gets an assistance of Rs. 3 lakhs for construction of new housing unit and upto Rs. 2 lakhs for upgradation of old/existing units.
3. Scheme is available only to those who are staying in any village or urban areas having a population of 50000 or more.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1, 2 and 3
(E) None of these
Ans : (E)
31. The head office of the World Trade Organisation is located in—
(A) Nepal
(B) India
(C) Japan
(D) Australia
(E) None of these

Ans : (E)
32. Who amongst the following is/was not a famous writer of English Language ?
(A) V. S. Naipaul
(B) Anita Desai

(C) Harivansh Rai Bachchan
(D) Kiran Desai
(E) Chetan Bhagat
Ans : (C)
33. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of Sports ?
(A) Kalidas Samman
(B) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(C) Jananpith Award
(D) Arjun Award
(E) Bharat Ratna
Ans : (D)
34. Which of the following trophies/cups is associated with the game of Cricket ?
(A) Davis Cup
(B) Agha Khan Cup
(C) Nehru Trophy

(D) Durand Cup
(E) Duleep Trophy
Ans : (E)


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