IB Question With Solution,Answer key (Based on Memory)

Intelligence Bureau (IB) written test for recruitment to Assistant Non Executive Intelligence Officers with MHA in Grade – II was over. Since IB doesn’t provide the Physical question paper to carry, it’s difficult to say how was the question level ? But the feedback of many candidates says that It was easy to score in Objective section of GK, Math etc.

Essay in English was also average type which was of Maximum 400 Words.

Here is the List of Certain Question which were asked in IB test. This is contributed by one of the active user of this site, You may check this for your reference (Based on Memory)….Reference from rajmanglam.com

Serial No.   Question List (Based on Memory) in IB Test
 Answer Solution   
 1.  Who Led the Thugs Spression in India ?  Sleeman
 2.  Julian Assange is the Editor of  Wikileaks
 3.  Go Back To Vedas  Dayanand Saraswati
 4.  First Women President of Indian National Congress  Annie Besant
 5.  Which Month Sunami in Japan ?  March
 6.  Who Led American War of Independence ?  George Washington
 7.  Who Sign on The Rs Ten Notes in India ?  RBI Governor
 8.  Regulatory Body of Mutual Funds in India  SEBI
 9.  Imperial Bank of India is Now Known as ?  SBI
 10.  Who is the Largest Producer of cars in World ?  Japan
 11.  First Economy Submit Held in Which Year ?
 12.  What is Ice ?  Good Reflector Than Absorber
 13.  How Many People speak Chinese Language ?  1 Billion
 14.  Oldest Language of India ?  Tamil
 15.  World Total dialect ?
 16.  Total Number of English Word
 17.  Fort of Lalgarh was built By ?
 18.   Which Epic was written in Year 838 AD
 19.  SC/ ST commission comes under which article ?  Article 335
 20.  Right of religion  Article 25 (I)
 21.  What is the min. Age for the President Election ?  35 Years
 22.   Who advise president in any urgency ?  Supreme Court of India
 23.  President of India takes Oath from ?  Chief justice of India
 24.  Speaker votes in Lok Sabha  Case of Equality of Votes
 25.  Council of Minister appointed by President on Advise of ?  Prime Minister
 26.  Constitutional System in constitution taken from ?  UK
 27.  India is a Federation of State  True
 28.  Who Reached To South Pole First ?  Amundsen
 29.  Marcopolo First Visit To ?  China
 30.  Biggest Circle is near equator on earth surface ?
 31. Hoticulture is good for ? Mediterrian Climate
 32.  Humidity Measured By ?  Hygrometer

NOTE : There are few question for which we are not sure about the answer so we didn’t mentioned it…If anyone knows please comment the answer. We are not liable for any accuracy, please check . We don;t gurantee that the question were asked in exam.

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78 thoughts on “IB Question With Solution,Answer key (Based on Memory)

  1. 1 am expecting around 80 marks out of 100 in IB exam provided with good english paper.

    unreserved category candidate

    do me a reply about my chances?


  2. what willbe cutoff for SC category . 70 correct of mine & in essay

    surely i will get more than 20 .

    i expect 70+20=90 minimum , will i get selected ?

    1. iam getting nearly 80 in objective but cant say anything about subjective. i was not able to complete essay.
      so lets expect 30/50 in essay.

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