BARC Interview Questions Pattern, How To Prepare ?

BARC  i.e. Bhabha Atomic Research Center has shortlisted the candidates for jobs through GATE. If you are a GATE aspirant and applied for BARC recruitment you may check your status of Application here.

BARC interview is treated as one of the toughest interview conducted by any board or Institution. BARC Interview panel not only see the knowledge of candidates but also the in depth interest about subject.

It is my suggestion to all aspirant that you need to well prepare for Interview with better planning and systematic planning about the subjects.  At the very start of Interview BARC experts ask you about the various areas of Interest and favorite 2-3 subjects of your career. You need to be very careful at this stage because once you replied them with your favorite subjects, you are fixed. They would ask you almost everything related to these subjects only.

Example : Like in one case they asked the student to stand near the wall, One expert asked him to push the wall of room. Second one from interview panel asked,” Which force was applied and total weight applied on the wall ? ” explain.

Similarly when you walk on the rubber sheet force applied to road by rubber sheet.

One of My friend has just cleared he BARC Recruitment and his Interview lasted for 30 Minutes. So, I suggest you to prepare well and Good Luck.

  1. I have been shortlisted for oces interview can u please help me with the number of seats available. .I mfrom ece

  2. Hi Faria,
    BARC is online exam and BARC papers cannot be PDFed.If u want you can tell your Email address so that some questions(from the knowledge of persons who appeared in the exam) which came in the exam previously will be mailed to you.
    Topics so far from my knowledge:
    Digital Electronics,Communications, Microprocessors, some C questions,Op-amps,Laplace transforms,etc,.

  3. Sir can you plz send me a link/pdf of OCES wriiten exam sample paper/previous year papers.It will be a great help.

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