BPSC Prelims Question Paper and Solution for SET – A

81. The visible range of solar radiation is

(A) 100-400 nm (B) 400-700 nm (C) 740-10000 nm
(D) None of the above
82. Plants which grow on saline soils are
(A) xerophytes
(B) hydrophytes / (C) halophytes
(D) succulents

83. Environment is a composite state of
(A) biotic factors
(B) physiographic factors (C) abiotic factors
(D) All of the above

84. Water is conducted in vascular plants by
(A) phloem tissue
(B) parenchyma tissue (C) meristems
(D) xylem tissue

85. Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering?
(A) Stems
(B) Branches (C) Leaves (D) Roots

86. Minerals are
(A) liquids
(B) inorganic solids (C) gases
(D) All of the above

87. Development of the natural systems is described as
(A)~nction of the systems
(B) evolution of the systems
(C) self-sustained process of the systems
(D) None of the above

88. Genetics deals with (A) Mendel’s laws
(B) organic evolution
(C) DNA structure
(D) heredity and variations

89. Mendel’s principles of inheri- tance are based on
(A) vegetative reproduction (B) asexual reproduction (C) sexual reproduction
(D) All of the above

90. Embryo is found in (A) flowers
(B) leaves
(C) seeds
(D) buds

91. What soil particles are present in loamy soils?
(A) Sand particles (8) Clay particles (C) Silt particles
(D) All types of particles

92. A single type of atom is found in (A) compounds of minerals
(8) mixture of minerals
(C) native elements
(D) None of the above

93. Soil water available to plants is maximum in
(A) clayey soil (8) silty soil (C) sandy soil (D) loamy soil

94. Capillaries are most effective in

(A) clayey soil
(B) silty soil
(C) sandy soil
(D) loamy soil (Not Sure)

95. Photosynthesis occurs in (A) nucleus
(b) mitochondria (C) chloroplast (D) peroxisome

96. Continents have drifted apart because of
(A) volcanic eruptions

(B) tectonic activities

(C) folding and faulting of rocks

(D) All of the above

97. Which of the following do not belong to solar system?
(A) Asteroids
(8) Comets
(C) Planets
(D) Nebulae

98. Table salt (NaCI) is a product of

(A) weak acid and weak base

(B) strong acid and strong base

(C) weak acid and strong base

(D) strong acid and weak base

99. Sexual reproduction causes genetic variation because of
(A) blending of genes
(8) chromosomal changes (C) Shuffling of genes
(D) All of the above

100. Average salinity of water of Arabian Sea is
(A) 25 ppt (8) 35 ppt (C) 45 ppt (D) 55 ppt


  1. 4. Which of the following is not a capital city?
    (A) Canberra
    (B) Sydney
    (C) Wellington
    (D) Riyadh


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