BPSC Exam Answer Key For SET – A and SET – C

Bihar Public Service Competitive Examination conducted by theBihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Answer kay and solution for various section.

  • Preliminary Examination: It is of objective type, which is a qualifying examination.
  • Main Examination: It consists of written examination and interview.

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This time BPSC Exam was average type but certain question were tricky and confusing. Question were designed in such a way that all option were closely related and you will be unable to answer it Unless you have studied well.

There were almost 10-15 question asked from the current affairs and there was maximum mistake in this part.

Check Question Paper With Solution of SET A : Here

For Section ‘C’ :

1.d 2.a 3.b 4. b 5.c 6 () 7.a 8.a 9.a 10.a

11.b 12.d 13.d 14 a 14.c 16. a 17.b 18.a 19.c 20. d.

21.b 22.a 23.a 24.c 25.a 26.b 27.b 28 d 29.() 30. a

31.() 32.b 33.a 34.c 35.d 36.b 37.c 38.d 39.c 40()

41.a 42.b 43() 44.a 45.a 46.d 47.c 48.c 49.a 50.b

51.c 52() 53.c 54.a 55() 56.b 57.c 58.c 59.b 60.c

61.a 62.d 63.a 64.d 65()66()67.a 68.b 69.c 70.a

71.d 72.a 73.b 74.c 75.d 76.c 77.d 78.() 79.c 80.b

81.b 82.c 83.d 84.d 85.c 86.b 87.b 88.d 89() 90.c

91.d 92.c 93.d 94.b 95,c 96.d 97.d 98.b 99.() 100.b

101.b 102.a 103.c 104.d 105.b 106.b 107.a 108.a 109.c 110.b

111.c 112.d 113.a 114.c 114.b 116.a 117.d 118.c 119.d 120.a

121.b 122.b 123.c 124.d 125.a 126.b 127.a 128.c 129.a 130.d

131.b 132.c 133.d 134.a 135.a 136.b 137.d 138.b 139.a 140.a

141.d 142.d 143.a 144.b 145.a 146.c 147.b 148.c 149.b 150. D

SET ‘C’ Answer Key was Submitted By one of viewer : Mr. krishna murari

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  1. i am too worried ,my bpsc pt set A I AM in general category and my marks is 98,can i pass bpsc pt ,please tell???

  2. 1.b 400-700nm 2 c 3d 4d 5c 6d 7c 8d 9d 10c 11d 12c 13a 14a 15c 16b 17d 18b 19d 20b 21b 22a 23c 24d 25b 26b 27a 28d 29c 30b 31c 33a 34 d 35b 36a 37d 38c 39d 40a 41b 42b 43c 44d 45a 46b 47a 48c 49a 50d 51b 52c 53d 54a 55a 56b 57d 58b 59a 60a 61d 62d 63a 64b 65a 66c 67b 68c 69b 70d 71d 72a 73b 74b 75c 76c 77a 78a 79a 80a 81b 82d 83d 84a 85c 86a 87b 88a 89c 90d 91b 92a 93a 94c 95a 96b 97b 98a 99b 100a 101d 102b 103d 104d 105d 106b 107c 108d 109c 110a 111a 112b 113d 114a 115a 116d 117a 118c 119a 120b 121c 122d 123c 124a 125d 126b 127c 128c 129b 130c 131a 132d 133c 134d 135b 135b 136d 137a 138b 139c 140a 141d 142a 143b 144c 145d 146c 147d 148d 149c 150b cut off about 96-102 and 6-7Q ka ans bhi change board dwara kiya ja sakta hai.

  3. please provide me set D solution

  4. what will be the approx cut off marks for general candidates.

  5. i checked all the answers and find some answers are wrong…………

  6. the bpsc cut off marks goging out of 100 for obc..and genral 120 dis news brodcast by bpsc

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