BPSC Answer Key and Cutoff For PT Exam, Bihar Public Service Competitive Examination

Bihar Public Service Competitive Examination conducted by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) consist of two stages:


  • Preliminary Examination: It is of objective type, which is a qualifying examination.
  • Main Examination: It consists of written examination and interview.

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This time new vacancies are created for 53rd, 54th, and 55th Combined PT exam. Total vacancies are for 257. This may go up depends on Original number of vacancy created after final examination and Interview.

This time BPSC was average type since question were asked as per expected pattern except some question which were asked ridiculously from geography.

I think cutoff will go little higher for BPSC 2011 about 79-85.

Exam Timing and Patterns

Objective Questions – 150 (General Studies Only)
Time – 2 hrs

Question were asked mainly from the areas like

Indian History ( From the paleolithic age, Harrappan civilization, Vedic Age, Sangam Age, Maurya Age, Medieval history, Indian freedom history, and modern history etc.)

History of Bihar ( From the paleolithic age, Harrappan civilization, Vedic Age, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Magadh Empire, Maurya Age, Medieval history, Indian freedom history, and modern history etc.)

Sports Event, Recent Development work in Bihar , culture of Bihar , National and International Game Events , Agricultural and Industrial Growth of India and Bihar , Planning Commission , Indian Budget , All welfare program running by Central and State Government , Population survey, World and Indian Geography , Geography of Bihar ,Indian Economics, Indian Constitution , Bihar Economics after Freedom, Famous personality of Bihar

:mrgreen: What Do you expect from the exam ? Was It difficult or average type ?

Answer Key and Solution for BPSC 2011 : Check Here


RESULTS 53rd-55th Common Combined (Pre) Competitive Examination, 2011. : Here


  1. ANSWER of bpsc-2011(pre) BY krishna MURARI (9263649104)
    1.d 2.a 3.b 4. b 5.c 6 () 7.a 8.a 9.a 10.a 11.b 12.d 13.d 14 a 14.c 16. a 17.b 18.a 19.c 20. d.21.b 22.a 23.a 24.c 25.a 26.b 27.b 28 d 29.() 30. a 31.() 32.b 33.a 34.c 35.d 36.b 37.c 38.d 39.c 40() 41.a 42.b 43() 44.a 45.a 46.d 47.c 48.c 49.a 50.b 51.c 52() 53.c 54.a 55() 56.b 57.c 58.c 59.b 60.c 61.a 62.d 63.a 64.d 65()66()67.a 68.b 69.c 70.a 71.d 72.a 73.b 74.c 75.d 76.c 77.d 78.() 79.c 80.b 81.b 82.c 83.d 84.d 85.c 86.b 87.b 88.d 89() 90.c 91.d 92.c 93.d 94.b 95,c 96.d 97.d 98.b 99.() 100.b 101.b 102.a 103.c 104.d 105.b 106.b 107.a 108.a 109.c 110.b 111.c 112.d 113.a 114.c 114.b 116.a 117.d 118.c 119.d 120.a 121.b 122.b 123.c 124.d 125.a 126.b 127.a 128.c 129.a 130.d 131.b 132.c 133.d 134.a 135.a 136.b 137.d 138.b 139.a 140.a 141.d 142.d 143.a 144.b 145.a 146.c 147.b 148.c 149.b 150.d

  2. Its average but confused over cut off marks. Can u evaluate it and tell scientifically about the possible cut offs.


    • Naveen, It's little to figure out the exact cutoff for BPSC. It depends on the number of candidates appeared in the exam and average question attempted by them correctly under various constraint of papers like difficulty level and other parameters.

      This year BPSC exam difficulty level was average type. Question were asked in this year was as per expectation so maximum of candidates would have done it well so cutoff will naturally go up….

      You first check your correct number of answers and mention it here. We will let you know through after comparing with others…

      Anyway good luck for your exam..

  3. u r absolutely right mr. singh as at least 8 questions are disputed and still his score is 146. probably he has received different paper .

  4. wait for next bpsc.

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