How To Prepare for HPCL Interview of Officer Trainee ?

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Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited i.e. HPCL has called for Technical Interview for Number of Successful Candidates of it’s Recruitment Test for Officer Trainee – Engineering.

This is the second and last round of test other than Medical which has negligible impact on screening process. For getting job with Premier Public Sector Navaratna company you will have to beat other 7 candidates in this stage of selection procedure, since the ratio of candidate called for interview would be 1:7 approximately.

I had faced the interview for HPCL and with my experience I must say that you will have to show yourself little extra ordinary in order to put impression on Interviewers.

There are few thing which are common and you must have followed before going to face any interview :

1. Dressed your self Clean with Formal including Tie… Don’t think that these type of non-sense doesn’t impact much on Interviewers since they want knowledge, not the dressing style…

In this regard I must say that whatever they want to know from you, they have gathered from your written test ? You are at this stage of selection process, Since you have had the good knowledge . Now you needn’t to show your Knowledge instead They will have to test your skills and personal attributes.

2. Speak politely and Never argue…KEEP THIS THING IN MIND…NEVER ARGUE WITH THE PERSON SITTING AT THE OTHER SIDE OF TABLE……at any stage of interview process.

3. You should be very clear with your Answer..Never try to show your smartness. The person who is interviewing you are also knowledgeable and If you think that you may make them fool then you have lost the interview and jobs. They would never show you that whether you answered right or wrong..But I suggest you to go for straight YES or NO. If you know the answer Go for YES or simply I DON’T KNOW, SIR.

There is nothing wrong in this, instead it will put impression on Interviewers.

4. Never try to divert the attention of Interviewers. Try to bring the Interviewers at Your area of Knowledge, Not their area of Expertise. Suppose You are good at certain topic try to bring the attention of Interviewers at such topic during conversation. The day you will able to do this, I bet on you that you will be cleared any Interview even UPSC.

5. Try to smile and keep yourself cool while Interview process.

I am sure you get bore with these tips since these Interview tips looks very common and simple. But friend I let you know People always ignore SIMPLE THING and Interviewers know This.

I think It’s too much so Go for some Technical question asked in HPCL Interview earlier : Here

ABOUT AUTHOR Author is MBA and Engineering from reputed college and has been expertise in Technical Interview Process.

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  1. thank u so much…Can you pls gimme some more details about wat kinda questions are asked to Civil engg ppl?? Thankin u in advance.