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Japan Hit By Massive Tsunami

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Today Japan got strucked by 8.9 magnitude of Earthquake which triggers Tsunami .It causes severe damage to japan.The height of Tsunami was 13 foot which washed away many cars ,ships  and  buildings of  Japan.The massive earthquake strikes Japan’s northeast coast.

Its 7th largest earthquake recorded till now.Warning has been given to Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia .


At Least21 people killed till now and their is reports of 1000 injuries till now.

Kyodo news agency said -there were reports of fires in Sendai where waves carried cars across the runway at the airport.

Prime minister Naoto Kan says the government will do everything possible to minimise the damage.

In the capital Tokyo, buildings shook violently. An oil refinery near Tokyo was on fire, with dozens of storage tanks under threat.

Earthquakes are very .common in Japan as it is world’s most seismically active areas.

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