Assistant Central Intelligence Officer, Grade-I (Tech) Result, ACIO Interview Schedule

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Staff Selection Commission (NR) New Delhi

Result and Interview Schedule for the post of post of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer, Grade-I (Tech) in Intelligence Bureau, MHA vide Post category NR (B)-01 of advertisement SSC/HQ/1/2010 – Common Screening Test held on 12-09-2010 at New Delhi.

Cut off Marks for various category in Common Screening Test (CST) held on 12-09-2010 at New Delhi for shortlisting the candidates for Interview 75 Marks and above for UR, OBC, SC and ST meeting age limit of UR
No. of Candidates shortlisted and being called for Interview 48
Date of Interview 03rd March 2011
Venue of Interview Staff Selection Commission, Block-12, CGO Complex, Lodhi RoadNew Delhi-110509
No. of applications received 1786
No. of candidates appeared in CST for this post 332
Age Not Exceeding 30 years as on 26.04.2010
Essential Educational Qualification (EQ) as per notice Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engg., Chemical Engg., or Mech. Engg., or MSC in Microbiology or Chemistry or Bio-Technology or MSC in Space Engg and Rocketry or MSC in Physics with optics or Nuclear Physics as a subject from a recognized University or equivalent on or before 26.04.2010.
Vacancy 03 (UR)

To know your marks in CST and result or date of interview, Group, Reporting time etc. if shortlisted (marks above cut off) and meeting EQ & age limit etc., please click here.

Call letters to prima-facie eligible candidates qualify for interview, have been sent. Rejection letters have also been sent to the candidates who secured marks in CST above cut off but did not meet EQ or age limit (Stat_appl code R1). The candidature of candidates called for interview is provisional. Marks secured in CST are only for shortlisting the candidates for interview.

Suggestion Welcome for Interview Tips or preparation.

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  1. The first census in India in modern times was conducted in 1872(Lord Mayo). First regular census was started in 1881 by Lord Rippon

    First Economic Celsus in India: 1977…

  2. Questions & Answers: ACIO II 2011

    1. State declared english as official language: Nagaland
    2. Language with richest vocabulary: English
    3. Nearest planet to the Earth: Venus
    4. Author of Panchatantra: Vishnu Sharma
    5. Saket: Maithlisharan Gupt
    6. First Economic Celsus in India: 1971
    7. Largest island in indian ocean: Madagascar
    8. Head of CIA: Leon Panneta
    9. Women nightingale:Sarojini Naidu
    10. Vegetation in Siberia: Taiga
    11. Chicken Pox Vaccine was developed by: – Edward jenner
    12. Galileo discovered: All of them
    13. Good Government was never a substitute for self Government: Mahatma Gandhi
    14. Banaras hindu University founded by: Madan mohan Malviya
    16. Who Led the Thugs Spression in India: Sleeman
    17. Julian Assange is the Editor of: Wikileaks
    18. Go Back To Vedas: Dayanand Saraswati
    19. First Women President of Indian National Congress: Annie Basant
    20. Which Month Sunami in Japan: March
    21. Who Led American War of Independence: George Washington
    22. Who Sign on The Rs Ten Notes in India: Governor of India
    23. Regulatory Body of Mutual Funds in India: SEBI
    24. Imperial Bank of India is Now Known as: SBI
    25. Who is the Largest Producer of cars in World: Japan & USA
    26. What is Ice: Good Reflector Than Absorber
    27. How Many People speak Chinese Language: 1 billion
    28. Oldest Language of India: Tamil
    29. Total Number of English Word: 450,000
    30. Fort of Lalgarh was built By: Raja Rai Singh
    31. Which Epic was written in Year 838 AD: bible
    32. SC/ ST commission comes under which article: –
    33. Right of religion: Article 25 (I)
    34. the min. Age for the President Election: 35
    35. Who advise president in any urgency: Supreme Court of India
    36. President of India takes Oath from: Chief justice of India
    37. Speaker votes in Lok Sabha: In case of equilaty of votes
    38. Council of Minister appointed by President on Advise of: Prime Minister
    39. Constitutional System in constitution taken from: UK
    40. India is a: Federation of State
    41. Who Reached To South Pole First: Amundsen
    42. Marcopolo First Visit To: China
    43. Biggest Circle on earth surface: Equator
    44. Hoticulture is good for: Mediterrian Climate
    45. Humidity Measured By: Hygrometer
    46. Title “Devnam Priya” is given to: Ashoka
    47. Decimal system was introduced by:
    48. Hampi situated in the northern bank of: Tungabhadra
    49. First celsus of India is conducted in the time of: Lord Rippon
    50. First Cotton mil in India established at: Bombay
    51. Language and Dialects spoken by people all over india: 9000
    52. MI 5 is a: British Security service
    53. Dhaynchand: All the above
    54. Gabriel Farenhit: All the above
    55. Euclid: All the above
    56. Badminton is the national game of: Malysia
    57. Banker of bank: RBI
    58. Most abundant inert gas in Earth Argon
    59. If 1st Nov is Monday then 25th Nov is: Thursday
    60. x2-7=0 have: 2 solutions
    61. 1 7 9
    2 14 _ : 12
    3 105 117
    62. (x)(x)(x)(x3) is equivalent to: x6
    63. Father to Son's age ratio: 45:15
    64. Three angles of triangle are in a ratio 3:4:5 the largest angle is: 75
    65. Length of rectangle is 3 times the width, if width is 5cm then area is: 75cm2
    66. odd one in the given series yard, meter, litre, km is: Litre
    67. If there are 7man each eat ¾ of a pizza then minimum requirement of pizza: 6
    68. Maximum frequency in the series: 4

    1. ronin could u clarify 35th question i remember it as it was who among these has right to seek supreme courts advice on important matters a)president b)high court c)governor d)all. it would be helpful if any 1 clarify dis,

  3. Hello Sir./madam

    my name is yuvaraj.

    I wrote IB ACIO exam held on july 2011.

    70 qus correct out of 100 Qus..

    Let me know what will be the cut off mark…

    MY ID:yusubramaniam@inautix.co.in

    Phone No: 9790133441