BPO /Call Center Interview Questions-Answers,Tips,Do and dont’s

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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)  basically means an organization that accepts various processes from other companies and organizations. In the call center industry, one of the most challenging issues is handling different customers – irate customer, offensive customer and defensive customers.

Therefore, the call center job interviews focus on your experience or skill facing a given situation – what does one usually do if ABC..?

Here are few basic Questions which are usually  asked in call-centre /BPO:

  • What do you know about BPO?

This question basically checks the awareness of the individual, and also tries to find out whether the person has really done any kind of homework before applying for the job and appearing for the interview.  BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, which basically means the outsourcing of various business processes.

What do you know about  Call Center?
There is a general misconception that call centers are BPOs and BPOs are call centers. This misconception exists because call centers maybe one of the very first processes in a company that were openly outsourced.  A call center is basically a company, organization or institution that handles the service center, or sales center of any company. The call center will either handle the sales or the service of a company.

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