IRMA 2010 Question Paper on Section Issues of Social Concern

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IRMA 2010 Question based on memory for Issues of Social Concern (IRMA-2010) Section. Check out for Question.

Q. 1. The objective of which of the following schemes is women empowerment?

Q. 2. What is meant by ‘Para Banking’?

Q. 3. As per Sample Registration System, which of the following states has registered
maximum dip in the death rate during the period 1998-2008?

Q. 4. Who is C Rangarajan?

Q. 5. What is the objective of NABARD in launching Joint Liability Groups?

Q. 6. What is the meaning of Financial Inclusion?

Q. 7. In which of the following countries, the price of kerosene is the lowest?

Q. 8. According to IMF, which of the following countries will achieve maximum GDP
growth rate for the year 2010-2011?

Q. 9. Which of the following schemes act as a channel of food distribution for weaker
sections of the society?

Q. 10. What is CARTOSAT 2B?

Q. 11. Who is the chairperson of Nation Commission on Farmers?

Q. 12. Who has written ‘Towards a Hunger Free World’?

Q. 13. For which of the following reasons has UNO promoted plantation of Jatropha in

Q. 14. What percentage of population in India is less than 25 years?

Q. 15. In which of the following years is Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission expected to
achieve 1000 MW of power?

Q. 16. Who won the Nobel Prize for Economics 2010?

Q. 17. IMF has expressed concern about many Asian economies for which of the following reasons?

Q. 18. The objectives of Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

Q. 19. The objectives of installing satellite controlled GPS navigation on the vehicles carrying food grains for the poor.

Q. 20. It is generally observed that between revenue deficit and fiscal deficit, fiscal deficit is ……..

Q. 21. In India, which sector has achieved maximum growth rate in the year 2010?

Q. 22. How relevant is the statement that ‘Labour moves in search of higher rewards’?

Q. 23. What are the reasons for the mid quarterly review of monetary policy by RBI?

Q. 24. What is the meaning of economies of scale?

Q. 25. As per the latest Sample Registration System, which of the following states has
registered greatest dip in the population growth rates during 1998-2008?

Q. 26. According to you, which of the following is true about inflation and deflation?

Q. 27. As per the recent figures, which of the following is the biggest contributor of India’s import bill?

Q. 28. WTO came into existence in which of the following years?

Q. 29. How are micro-finance and charity related?

Q. 30. Which of the following objectives is/are included through Mines and Mineral Development and Regulation Act 2010?

Q. 31. NHPC has commissioned all the three units of the 120-Mw Sewa II hydroelectric project in which of the following states?

Q. 32. Which of the following crops require more water than others?

Q. 33. What percentage of India’s area is under cultivation?

Q. 34. Milk co-operatives are very successful in which of the following states?

Q. 35. Which of the following is a center of carpet weaving in India?

Q. 36. Which of the following is/are the recommendation(s) of Mr. M S Swaminathan to maintain a healthy level of agriculture produce?

Q. 37. Which of the following is/are the major issues of discussion during the Doha round?

Q. 38. During 1950-2007, the population grew at a rate of 2.6% per annum. During the same period the agriculture produce grew at which of the following rates?

Q. 39. Which of the following schemes has been redesigned as National Rural
Livelihood Mission?

Q. 40. In which of the following states sugar cooperatives are very successful?

Q. 41. Which of the following is a successful micro-finance agency?

Q. 42. Yellow revolution is related to which of the following areas?

Q. 43. The rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk is known as……
Q. 44. Who is known as the Milkman of India?

Q. 45. India is not self-dependent in the production of which of the following?

Q. 46. Which of the following are the recommendations of Justice Ranganath Mishra

Q. 47. What is ‘Pisciculture’?

Q. 48. How Social welfare and economic welfare are related?

Q. 49. What is ‘Pump-Financing’?

Q. 50. Which of the following is not a feature of a fast growing economy?

Q. 51. What is the money allocated for the National Security Fund for workers in the
unorganized sector?

Q. 52. Which of the following is/are the provisions of the National Food Security Bill?

Q. 53. Identity cards are issued to the Indian citizens under which of the following schemes?

Q. 54. In terms of BoP, what is the meaning of current account payment?

Q. 55. What is Comptroller and Auditor General’s opinion about NREGA?

Q. 56. What are the features of RBI’s financial inclusion?

Q. 57. Which of the following categories has recently been included in the Rastriya
Swasthya Bima Yojana?

Q. 58. Which of the following is a health insurance scheme launched by the government of India?

Q. 59. Which of the following is included in the calculation of GDP?

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