Open Magazine Barkha Dutt, Nira Radia Tapes Leaked, 2G Spectrum Scam

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Now a days there are very much talk about Nira Radia and Barkha dutt involvement in 2G spectrum Scam. This is the new twist in recent development and this Open Magazine tape has exposed the nexus between Journalism and Politics.

Nira Radia tapes were leaked online by Open Magazine. These tapes show the corruption nexus between top journalists such as Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Prabhu Chawla and Vir Sanghvi and political parties and corporate lobbyists.

The phone lines of the head of Vaishnavi Communication, Niira Radia, were twice placed under surveillance by the Income Tax Department (based on a tip-off by the Central Board of Direct Taxes) for a few months in 2008 and 2009.
Nira Radia is a woman of formidable networking and PR skills, so much so that she represents both the Tata and the Mukesh Ambani group.
Watch The Conversion Between Barkha Dutt – Nira Radia

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  1. Many of the so called Middle Man, Power Broker, Corporate Lobbyists are nothing but the POLITICAL PIMPS, who brings Murky Deals, Corruptions and Money Laundering to the Corrupt Politicians. Many are also used by Govt Officials for illegal Hiring, Transfers, Stay on Transfers, Promotions etc…They are found in 12's in every states at Ministers allotted flats and their guest houses. Now, their role has become more imp in mixed govt to loot country. This Political Pimps are very dangerous for the country and could act as Dawood – ISI aides. Every India Citizens and Tax-payers have Right to know about their recorded tapes because of sharing the responsibility of their part of loss to the country looted by the Pimps and Corrupt Politicians. They should be booked under NSA.

  2. There is absolutely no truth in the alleged news story which is nothing but sensation mongering and in poor taste. It is nothing but a tissue of lies. These media is setting the agenda on behalf of vested political interests or may be on behalf of corporate interest. One cannot ignore anymore the ever present scope for an alarming possibility of the media developing some sort of a vested interest…