HPCL Information System Officer Exam Paper

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English Language Test

1) Yesterday’s dinner _______ leftovers from lunch and a simple stew that Mum _____. 
A) Comprised, concocted 
B) Combined, concocted 
C) Comprised, cooked 
D) Combined, cooked

Quantitative Test

1) Ram’s salary is 125% of Raghu’s salary, Ramesh’s salary is 60% of Raghu’s salary. The total of the three salaries is Rs.6,12,000. What 
is Ramesh’s salary? 
A) Rs.2.52 lakhs 
B) Rs.1.30 lakhs 
C) Rs.2.02 lakhs 
D) Rs.1.48 lakhs

IT Skills

1) Your 32 bit application stops responding several days after installation. Task manager shows the CPU usage 100 percent. You end 
the application. The CPU usage is still at 100 percent. What should you do? 
A) Use disk defragment tool to clean up disk 
B) Use task manager to end any related child process 
C) Increase the memory and restart the application 
D) All the Options

2) A graphic terminal is refreshed using a RAM having the specification: 
Frame size: 1024 X 1024 
Horizontal sweep time: 63.5 micro sec 
Retrace time: 30% of sweep time 
One word of RAM stores 4 pixels. 
The refresh cycle time is __________ 
A) 200 nano sec 
B) 174 micro sec 
C) 174 nano sec 
D) 200 micro sec

3) Trace route uses which field in the IP header to work? 
B) Identification 
C) Protocol 
D) Header Length

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  1. Please provide me Previous year's HPCL question paper for Information Systems officer for computer science branch.