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Tips For Cat Exam

Tips to Crack Cat

1- If you are doing your Graduation than start preparing from second year of graduation.

2- If you completed Graduation and ready to give the Cat in next coming November, Prepare ar least 10-14 hours daily and seriously.

3- Minimum 10 hours study required before the 6 months of Cat exams.

4- Minimum 10,000 Vocabulary (new databank) required to prepare.

5- Daily two hours required to study newspapers and Editorials. (English)

6- Read at least two magazines, one novel each week.

7- Try for the shortcuts of mathematics. Calculations must be strong.

8- See any type of graph in any where you find, try to interpret that as fast as possible.

9- Change your attitude. Make one decision strictly. And only try for right decision or don’t answer in case of ambiguity.

10- Read whatever you love. But try to read on different subjects articles.

11- Before three months of Cat, Daily solve one set of available question paper.

12- Try to make logical sense everywhere.

13- Try to solve calculations mentally.

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