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Dear Friends CAT Exam is on November .I am also Facing this Exam This year .So i will provide you each and every information about cat whatever i will get an i will understand important for you…….

There are 150 to 200 objective type CAT sample questions and divided into three to four sections. Each CAT sample question question has four alternate answer choices and the candidate has to choose the best answer for each of the questions and mark it on a special Optical Reader answer sheet.

The duration of the test is of 120 minutes. This literally translates to answering a CAT question in 48 seconds. Most successful aspirants do not attempt anything more than 120 plus questions. And quite a lot of them attempt between 85 and 100 questions.

The key to success, therefore, lies in two important parameters:

  1. Accuracy or Strike rate is Very Necessary.

    Each correct question carries 1 positive mark, while each incorrect question carries negative marks. Hence, it is important to get a strike rate of over 85% – that is reduce the number of negatives.

  2. Selection Should be Smart

    As you will not be generally able to attempt all CAT sample question, and you skip between 30 and 50 questions. Most important thing to success is selecting questions properly. Remember, every correct question carries the same 1-mark and each incorrect answer carries a one-third negative. So be careful and choose the questions that you have practised a lot And solve it.

    CAT evaluates your presence of mind and the ability to perform under pressure. You cannot prepare for CAT during the last 10 days.Minimum of 3 to 9 months of regular preparation is essential.And i know you would be preparing for it but if you had not prepared then also its not too late.Its time for revision now.Go For It….

    Good Luck………..

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