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Advocates will be required to answer questions from twenty subjects. The subjects are taken from the syllabi prescribed by the Bar Council of India for the three-year and five-year Ll.B. programmes at law schools in India (as set out under Schedule I to the Bar Council of India Rules).
These subjects are divided into two categories. The Examination paper will comprise at least seven (7) questions from each ‘Category I’ subject, of which three (3) will be Category A questions, and four (4) will be Category B questions (‘Category A’ and ‘Category B’ questions are described in detail below). The paper will also have twenty-three (23) questions from the ‘Category II’ subjects as a whole, and these twenty-three questions will include questions from at least five (5) Category II subjects. All questions from Category II subjects will be Category B questions.


Category I subjects will be tested in Part I of the question paper, and Category II subjects will be tested in Part II of the question paper.
The Category I and Category II subjects are set out below:

Moving forward, this exam will be a bi-annual affair, to be held in April and November of every year. The actual dates will be announced before the application process begins every year.
Serial Number Category / Subject Number of Questions
Category I (Part I of the Paper)
1 Alternative Dispute Resolution 7
2 Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 7
3 Constitutional Law 7
4 Contract Law, including Specific Relief, Special Contracts, and Negotiable Instruments 7
5 Criminal Law I: The Indian Penal Code 7
6 Criminal Procedure 7
7 Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing 7
8 Evidence 7
9 Jurisprudence 7
10 Professional Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct for Advocates 7
11 Property Law 7
Category II (Part II of the Paper)
12 Administrative Law 23 questions in all, and these questions will include questions from at least 5 subjects in Category II
13 Company Law
14 Environmental Law
15 Family Law
16 Human Rights Law
17 Labour and Industrial Law
18 Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Consumer Protection Law
19 Principles of Taxation Law
20 Public International Law

Expert Committee
The Bar Council of India has formed an expert committee consisting of the following members to advise and confirm on the manner and conduct of the All India Bar examination:
  • Justice P.K. Balasubramaniam (former Judge, Supreme Court of India)
  • Mr. M. G. K. Menon (former Chairman, I.S.R.O., and respected policymaker)
  • Prof. Najeeb Jung (Vice-chancellor, Jamia Milia Islamia)
  • Mr. R. N. Trivedi (Senior advocate and former Additional Solicitor General)

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