SBI Clerk Solved Exam paper- Marketing

1. Bank MarketinG menas –
(A) Selling of Bnaks
(B) Buting of banks
(C) Merger of banks
(D) selling bank’s produts and services
(E) Selling various items in banks
ANS -(D)
2. Proper pricing is needed for –
(A) Extra charges of extra services
(B) Levy of VAT
(C) Good customer services
(D) Putting burden on the customer
(E) Service with extra facilities
ANS -(C)
3. Alead means –
(A) Abank’s marketing staff
(B) Areligious leader
(C) Bank’s chairman
(D) Target Customer
(E) Leash tied to a dog
ANS -(D)
4. A good salesman should be-
(A) Agressive
(B) Pushy
(C) Fierce
(D) Polite, but firm
(E) Talkative
ANS -(D)
5. Relationship selling means –
(A) Preparing a list of relatives
(B) Cross selling
(C) Selling to relatives
(D) Selling to strangers
(E) Telemarketing
ANS -(B)
6.ATM are –
(A) Branches of banks
(B) Manned couters of banks
(C) Unmanned , cash dispensers
(D) All of these
(E) None of these
ANS -(C)
7. Home loans are granted to –
(A) Individuals
(B) Institutions
(C) Builders
(D) All of these
(E) None of these
ANS -(A)

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