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Answer key analysis for GATE 2012, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering i.e. GATE 2012 is the one of the toughest exam in India for the admission to  higher courses like M.Tech etc in various colleges including IIT’s , NIT’s etc. GATE Score is the gateway to the admission to these top notch Engineering colleges.

Every year each of the seven IIT’s or IISc used to conduct the exam and based on the each college trends the guessing are made about the type of question asked in the exam. Previous year in GATE 2011 , the question were quite easy hence the cutoff had gone well for top colleges.

ANSWER KEY FOR GATE 2012 Various Subjects Are : Mechanical | CS | EE | EC | CIVIL | PI | IN | CH | BT | XL |

Last year the cutoff for various colleges were very high, some colleges like IIT delhi had changed their pattern of admission criteria also like they were giving weightage to Degree marks also so those canddiates who were able to clear the GATE cutoff for IIT D were also deniel admission due to less marks in degree. The cutoff for IIT delhi last year was 735.

For details about the each year cutoff for GATE 2012 visit

This year GATE 2012 , it was said by many of our regular viewers that the first part of the paper were easy to score , this added that the total score will be at upper side. Initially it looks that the cutoff for the each college will be at little higher side for demanding branch like Thermal, CS etc

Last time many of the candidates with low score were called by IIT roorkee for branches like Thermal etc.

Based on answer key which will be updated at the, Check your performance in the GATE 2012 nd share your expected marks. Based on the marks scored by candidates we will provide the basic performance of candidates in the exam on average. This will help you guys in knowing the Cutoff for the each college.

GATE 2012 Results will be announced on March 15

Answer Key will be updated after the exam soon !!!!

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