How To Calculate Your GATE Percentile ?

GATE Exam for Admission to M.Tech curses has been published. Now, it’s time to calculate your performance and overall score in Exam.

GATE doesn’t provide the overall percentile in it’s scorecard. Maximum of colleges are asking for percentile as a criteria for Cut-off and Admission to various courses.

If you don’t know how to calculate the GATE Score in Percentile, we have mentioned it below. Please check and calculate your GATE PERCENTILE.


1. Check Your Score Card from GATE Result, It has two sub menu with

* No. Of Candidate Appeared in Your Stream

* Your GATE Score

2.  Insert the above details in formula:

Percentile =  ((Total candidate appeared-You GATE Rank) / Total candidate appeared) x 100

3. For Example If your GATE Rank is 1418 and Total Number of student appeared in your stream is 81175, your GATE Percentile will be calculated as according to above formula :

Percentile =[ (81175-1418)/81175]*100 =  98.25 , That’s it. Your GATE Percentile will be 98.25

With These formula you will be able to calculate your GATE PERCENTILE, Still if You have had any trouble in calculation , You may ask below :

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  1. my gate score is 10.33. i am qualified or not.

  2. u r fooooool

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    Nishant Kumar Sharma August 8, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    if any student got the 20 marks out of 100.then how will be calculate the percentile????????????????????

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