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Basic Training Certificate (BTC) in Uttar Pradesh is a teacher’s training program for teaching at primary schools. The curriculum of Basic Training Certificate (BTC) is designed by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), which is a counseling body for the State and Central Governments on issues relating to teacher education in the country. There are several institutes that offer Basic Training Certificate (BTC) in Uttar Pradesh.

Pre-Service Training


* Training of Special B.T.C. Trainees. Training Urdu Special B.T.C. in process
* Training of Shiksha Mitras, EGS/ AIE Instructors & Literacy functionaries.
* Pre-service Training for physical Education and nursery training also being conducted.

Selection of Teachers for Training:

Special drives have been undertaken by the State Government for selection of teacher trainees under a totally transparent, computerized decentralized and accelerated system.  All communication between SCERT and DIETs relating to selection has been ensured through website and         e-mail.  60,000 teacher trainees selected  under special drive and they are undergoing training in phases.  Further selection of 28,385 teacher trainees is in process.  Selection and training of 6000 teacher trainees with proficiency in Urdu is complete. Further training of 5000 teacher trainees having proficiency in Urdu is in process.

More information about BTC, vitist :

Hindi Application Form:

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